• Well, if it does result in pregnancy at least you will have full staffies and not some mutty mixture. Either way, you win.
  • So could she be? I dont need her to be, if she is the puppies will be aborted as she is too young and small and the pregnancy/birth will kill her
  • Depends, did he penetrate her? Did you see that happen? Sometimes dogs mount other dogs as a way of proving their dominance over the other dogs. They don't actually have sex, but the dog on top is saying 'In the scheme of things I'm better than you', and the "under-dog" is being submissive to it. Or they fight. If you are confident that your staffi girl is NOT in season, then she could not possibly be pregnant. A bitch needs to be in season for her reproductive systems to be ready and functioning for her to become pregnant. If in doubt take her to a vet and have things checked out.
  • Shes a bit young, If she is not in season and has not yet had her first season it is highly unlikely. Your vet will be able to tell you more.
  • if you take her to a vet then you will find out that there is a morning after pill for animals
  • She might well be entering her first heat about now. It is doubtful that he bred her successfully this time, as you pulled her away quickly. If you do plan to breed...PLEASE, PLEASE, SHOW HER so she can win her points and titles...become a responsible breeder...not just another contributer to the over population of puppies and dogs that are put to death every day! Plus if she is will attract a titled DOG and then actually be breeding to IMPROVE this lovely breed...a win win! Remember too Spaying will significantly decrease the chance that she will get breast cancer and REMOVE the chance for her to get cancer of the uterus!
  • anything is possible
  • Bit young to hire for staff

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