• Apparently, he was cremated.
  • He was cremated, and the ashes were placed in a teddy bear or doll that Courtney Love carried around for some time after his death.
  • Courtney Love does not have all of the ashes. She gave half of them to a close friend of Kurt's who then put them into a sculpture she created of him.
  • Kurt Cobain was cremated. His ashes were spread over some body of water in Washington state (I cannot recall which). Courtney Love kept some of his ashes and had Buddhist Monks in upstate New York "prepare" them for passage into death (these were the ashes she had carried around in a teddy bear). He was not burried because none of the cemetaries would take him because they didn't want to attract the kind of the kind of crowd that Jim Morrison's (The Doors) grave did in France (vandalism, etc).
  • Kurt Cobain was cremated and his ashes where thrown into a river. whether or not it was the Whiskah river i can't remember.
  • He was cremated, 1/3 of ashes were spread over Wishah river, 1/3 given to Courtney and 1/3 spread over New York.
  • There's a lot of media spin to some of the above answers. Please allow me a short moment of your time. No one is really sure about the ashes of Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love is said to have spread some in the Wishka River and had the rest sewn up in a teddy bear. There is NO evidence, other than Courtney's claim, to support the teddy bear theory. I, for one, don't believe it. Shortly after Kurt's death, Courtney did anything and everything she could to appear as an innocent victim of life's cruelest occurance; the suicide of a beloved husband. In fact, the couple had been arguing for months, Kurt had told Linda Carroll (his and Courtney's attorney) that he wanted to file for divorce a mere month before his body was found. Most evidence at this time shows that Courtney only cared about Kurt when there was a camera on her. Therefore, the teddy bear story seems fishy to me. THE CEMETERY CLAIM. Simply not true. Kurt's body was creamated 2 days after the autopsy. There were never any intentions to have Kurt burried. Whether there was evidence of foul play that could be destroyed through cremation or whether it was simply less expensive (Courtney only truly liked spending money on herself), Courtney gave the go-ahead to have Kurt cremated. Weeks, if not months, later, when asked by the inquiring press why Kurt wasn't burried, Courtney recited the Jim Morrison tale. To the best of my knowledge, her claim has NEVER been confirmed through any representative of any Seattle cemetery. Something to remember, when looking for the simplest of answers to the life and death of Kurt Cobain, is that anything out of Courtney's mouth HAS to be taken with a grain of salt. There are documented reports of her manipulating the press both before and after Kurt's death. She has built a media network that will, for some reason, publish EVERYTHING she says as fact.
  • well it seems evident that no one will ever know, this is how Courtney wants it to be.
  • I don't think anyone will know the truth, I also dont think Dave or Krist knows anything, if they do it's in court documents not to say anything. I do however believe that he was cremated in the Wiskah River, and don't seem to believe the Teddy Bear story that Courtney has (or had)
  • You don't really think Courtney would have Kurt buried and all the evidence with him, do you? She had him cremated the way she had the evidence of the scene of the murder obliterated. Most of his family was too late for the service and had no chance to see him. I just don't know how she has got away with this. There is still time for God's sake to right this wrong!
  • He was cremated.
  • Cremated to destroy the evidence. House demolished to destroy the evidence. Courtney had him murdered plain and simple. He was too drugged up to need a shotgun. The shotgun was too long for him to pull the trigger with his finger. His shoes were still on, so couldn't have used his toes to pull the trigger. Shotgun was on wrong side of his body based on his dominant hand. Door to the greenhouse was locked from the OUTSIDE. Hmmmmm

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