• hey dear, You are not boring and lame . Its just your inner self that tells this to you. Be optimistic and take everything with a pinch of salt. Open up yourself, experience new things in lif ebe an extrovert and hang around with your friends.
  • Don't worry, plenty more there. You're not all alone.
  • I saw someone try to shame another because of that kind of answers "I don't know" and answers similar; at least it IS an answer that is how I view it. And I don't look down on anybody who answers that way.
  • You have a case of mistaken identity.......... with thought and feelings that you call self. Life, any life will never be satisfied in a box of our limited perception. Go for a walk in nature and look and listen outwardly and inwardly. You just may have moments where you are free from your ideas of yourself.
  • You start by using your real photo as an avatar. when the girls see how hot you are,you're troubles are over.
  • Why are you so boring ?, my question is why would you ask this of a bunch of people who ... 1st of all ..don't know you ? 2nd of all ..don't really care about you ? Were you looking for sympathy? Yes, you will get the "we love Jesus" crowd, who want you to understand that Jesus loves you. But do you really care about that ? I suspect not. Or did you just want to see your avatar on a website ? Considering you haven't had the "balls" to answer anybody else yet ... I double-dog-dare you to answer this comment ! Oh, and stop erasing your questions after people have taken the time to answer them. By doing so, you not only make yourself look like a wet dish rag .. you insult the good people who have taken the time to try and help you !
  • Learn the answers. Next time someone asks you a question you don't know look up the answer. Before you know it you will have all the answers and will be able to impress everyone. No, wait. Then everyone will think you are a know-it-all. You really can't win. Balance is good, but the important thing is not to let others tell you what and who you are. If you don't like who you are change it! YOU are in control of who you become!
  • Maybe you are just ascetic.. nothing boring or lame about that. ( it means self disciplined)😇😇
    • Cry me a River
      Or maybe in today’s culture of aesthetics you feel stupid trying to please everyone.. remember appearances are often deceiving..and they don’t last if one lives long enough.
    • Cry me a River
      Just be happy being yourself.. and yes, Jesus loves you just the way you are!! Of course everyone needs him and needs to repent (be truly sorry for your sin and receive him as your one and only sacrifice:)
  • There's two types of things people do in this world. 1. They obsess about how they look, they obsess about how they dress, how they eat, what they weight, how they come across, how everyone views them, and often rely on other's for self validation, there's a problem here, firstly their world becomes small, because the focus is on themselves in a superficial manner, and if they rely on other's for how they feel that allows other's to control them, a compliment and I'm up, an insult and I'm down, this makes them even more obsessed and weaker, almost imprisoned by their thinking. 2. There's those who look outward, look at the world and how they can change things, volunteer at a dog shelter, a donkey shelter, volunteer at a charity shop, get a job in service industry where they are forced to speak to people and even get to care about customers, try out new interests canoeing, trekking, climbing, abseiling, horse-riding, gliding, track and field, these are things that often require interaction with others, team work, these things are individual as a challenge and shared experiences where you have something to talk about because you are engaging in activity. Other's things that help are reading books, learning a new language, learning sign language, these are challenging in a different way, in a mental way where you are made to think, Boredom is a choice, doing something takes bravery, it takes the attitude to say "Screw it I'm not waiting around for life to happen to me, I'm going to go out and grab it by the balls." Because life doesn't stop, it's a constant flow, and so if you sit about still you will stagnate, you will be bored and you will not grow. Feel the fear and do it anyway, do you want to play an extra in your own life story or the lead? And don't be afraid to make mistakes, a life without mistakes is an unlived life, my mistakes and accidents often result in the funniest or most profound story/lesson.
  • That's because you are a boring conversationalist as you said in your reference. If you have ever wondered why you are a boring person, clearly you are not excited about your life. The way to escape yourself, avoid boring people who are only increasing boredom, and engage frequently with interesting people.
  • I don't know you so I have no idea how boring you are.
  • This is a just bad estimation of ones self. You need to be good to yourself. The worst thing you can do to yourself is to chant this self-hate mantra. Once you feel self-loved, people around you will consider you seriously

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