• This is some thing I have to tell myself all the time muscle weighs more than fat. I think you are gaining muscle that is my you do not see much. I would check out some different exercises to help work more of your muscles.
  • Maybe what you are gaining is muscle mass. Remember, you also have to watch your diet! Just because you are walking, (which is GREAT), it does not mean you can eat anything anytime of the day or night. Find a diet that works for you, (they don't all work for everyone), and you will see results quickly.
  • Are you looking at yourself in the mirror everyday? If you want to change your appearance, you have to change you mind about your appearance first, and you will not be able to do that with this constant false reinforcement. Face it, a mirror shows you the exact oppossite of what other people see. Part 2, how much water are you drinking per day? Drink a lot of water. You will not lose weight if you are dehydrated on a daily basis. Lastly, how long per day are you walking? You have to walk for at least 45 mins to an hour. And take days off. As for your diet, eat your meals early and fill your stomach with soup and salad and other healthy things, but don't bother cutting out fatty foods. Just have 1 donut instead of 6. I'm a 160 pound guy down from 225. If I was like my siblings I would be close to 300 pounds...good luck!
  • Exercise alone isn't usually enough to lose weight. Aerobic exercise will help increase your metabolism, but only if you're able to raise your heart rate enough and for a long enough period of time. Walking, while still being good for you, might not create the type of cardiovascular stimulation that's necessary for boosting the metabolism. If you're building muscle and not burning fat and calories, then you're not going to see any weight loss and may actually see a weight gain instead.
  • I have to ask you is this the first time you have ever exercised? I am in the same boat but I have always exercised throughout my life and I still have alittle saddle bag going on. But I am in menopause phase now and maybe you are going through it to. It takes me longer to lose just 1 pound now.You might be putting on muscle however and muscle is heavier. I can only wish you good luck and keep exercising. As we get older exercise is the best form of staying healthy so you are on your way to being in great shape. Good luck! I could also recommend the Jillian Michaels exercise video, you know the trainer from the biggest loser show? It is alot of work but it is alot of fun to if you like to sweat, that will do it.

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