• have no idea, maybe you can goggle it
    • MichaelXD
      Well, the day here is 24 hours and Jupiter takes 9.9289 hours to complete its solar day. Therefore it completes 2.417 solar days in a day according to the calculator. The reciprocal of that number is 0.414, meaning Earth completes 0.414 days in just that amount of time that equates to a day. It goes on and on and it's not equating to a whole number of days. Example, returning to solar noon at 9:22:38 PM UT time since Friday, November 1, 2013. In other words, when does the same place return to solar noon at 9:22:38 PM UT time? I'm afraid googling it will not work.
  • That's not really an answer. It brings up this question.

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