• It is legal for you to find a buyer. However your realtor may still want their commission. Talk to your realtor. Often if you have found a buyer completely separately from any work they have done they will be willing to either greatly reduce the commission, or not take a commission at all. Remember that realtors rely on people recommending them, so they want you to be happy with their services. Alternatively ask the buyer if they can wait until after your contract with the realtor has expired.
  • Depends where you live, I think. In Ontario your contract is binding....before you sign it you are asked by the realtor for exclusions (i.e. names of people who may be interested in buying and so commission will not be charged for them). After you have signed, anyone who purchases your house is deemed a customer of the realtor (after all he/she is spending money on advertising). Only fair, I believe.
  • That depends on what is on the contract. Many realtors use exclusive rights language which entitles them to a commission regardless of who finds the buyer. However, there are also a good number of more honest ones who don't, and will just allow you to sell it freely. ALWAYS read the contract before you sign it, and you'll know what you're getting into!

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