• I smoke too and have learned a lot about quitting in the past year. My wife actually did it and it took her about 3 weeks. A lot of bad days and a few good ones. Cold turkey is the best and safest way to do it. We smoked the pack down to one cigarrette and decided that we would not smoke that cigarrette. When ever we wanted to smoke it, we would sniff the contents of the container that we put the other 38 cig buds in. Its was quite grotesque. Another thing that helps is taking 5 mins before each smoke to allow the craving to go away. As far as food. The reason that people gain weight from food is that your bloodsugar levels are increased with smoking. When you try to quit, and dont have that then you are forced to eat more . So there are no foods that help you quit, but you can eat more of whats good for you that will help you get through the rough times will trying. Gum, Beef Jerky, Tangy candies, anything that takes time to do that also boost that blood sugar count will help. But no food will help you quit smoking per say.
  • I did some research on the internet when I read your question. I had always heard that oranges were a good way to curb nicotine cravings, but I wanted to know if there were other recommended foods, and it turns out that there are. If you search in any good search engine for "oranges nicotine cravings," you will find A LOT of sites with information on why oranges, and other fruits, help with the cravings. It appears that citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, etc...) as well as many kinds of melons are good ways to curb your cravings. I have never tried any of them, so I can't attest to their abilities, but I would definetly give it a shot.
  • Candy might not classify as food, but I am in the process of quitting right now and hard candy seems to help me alot. So good luck to anyone who is trying to quit.
  • I just quit cold turkey after about twenty two tries. Just grit your teeth and bare it!
  • Nicorette gum Any gum or hard candy

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