• Depends. Twitter is great for simple communication if you have the need. Insta is great for passing around images if you have the need.
    • Roaring
      Texting and Facebook seem to satisfy these needs so far.
    • Linda Joy
      I've tried Twitter it was too verbally limiting for me no surprise there I'm sure. I have not used insta I only just acquired a computer with an actual keyboard for Christmas I need to get it online though. For me Facebook is mostly distant family and older friends. I don't go there often. I prefer phone and texting or email. But you need to learn to use what's called for. I always thought FB was for kids till I was listening to another substitute teacher tell me who all she was subbing for and what was wrong with them and how long they expected to need a sub and so skirted the entire sub request system. I just listened thinking I guess I ought to check this out! Then I merged something and a bunch of old MSN Q&A friends started showing up and that was pretty awesome and then ppl who said they knew me from school and so it goes... But I've not yet discovered a reason to find either indispensable for my needs at this time
    • Roaring
      I only use Facebook to stay connected to family friends, acquaintances and those with similar values. No matter the venue, I conduct myself in a manner of respect that I would give to live person to person communication. Here too.
    • Linda Joy
      I was sent a rabbit once and got sucked into Farmville. Part of the game is the social aspect so I actually solicited Farmville 'neighbors'. But I'm fairly extroverted and social anyway. Unfortunately my mentally damaged mother wasn't very good at teaching basic manners and actually got irritated at being called ma'am. I guess it's like bad grammar, spelling, or any other flaw I guess. You just try to educate if you can lovingly do so, but find a way to love them and tolerate the flaw? Up to the point it's intolerable then you have to block.
  • I'm convinced that most social media is detrimental. I see it leading to poor interpersonal communication skills for those growing up with access to them.
  • how susceptible are you to hypnotism?
    • Roaring
      Not very. Any kind of manipulation seems to heighten my attention to assess the motivation. Mainstream news and TV are often the most manipulative.
    • Roaring
      I forgot to mention sales people both material and spiritual. The more they push, the more resolve i have to say no thank you.
    • Linda Joy
      I may have posed this comment in the wrong place because it's not here!
  • Do it the old fashioned way,use the phone!
    • Roaring
      I miss those days and the slower pace of life.
    • Vittorio 'Sam' Manunta-Lowell
      Hmm don't like well done?
  • they should be useful or noone would be using them
    • Roaring
      Yes' I want to know in what ways it is useful to folks that use them.
  • They aren't. Stick with what youve got go with your gut instinct. I follow a couple people on Instagram but I dont waste time leaving one line messages. I just like to see pictures of the animals they post.
  • they probably are but i dont have either one either
  • Sorry, I can't convince you of the benefits to something that I personally view as a waste of time. The world seems to love following drama queens and idiots who aren't smart enough to know when to keep quiet. I have enough to concern me with my own life, and I couldn't be bothered following morons who think of the rest of us as "little people"..
    • Hardcore Conservative
      What? No more Kardashians? What would happen to the mindless drones who follow them religiously if they suddenly disappeared?
    • Ice man
      LOL Somehow I think this was meant to be posted at "What do you wish was never invented?" , but it fits here as well. ... to answer your Q - they would dissolve back into steamy piles of poop. : )

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