• Regular. The stay-on sort often changes colour on my lips - for example, terracotta red will go cherry red (which looks horrible on me) - and there's no way to get it off, as it is 'stained' into the skin of my lips.
  • Regular for me,the stay on type is usually quite thick and clumps on the lips after a while.
  • regular, the other kind is too dry and it doesn't moisturize my lips.
  • Either. It depends on, I mean WHAT I'm doing..
  • Regular for me.
  • Stay on forever kind, the new ones are not drying and still look glossy. They are still in place at the end of the day. If you use the regular lipstick if you apply it correctly and then use lipcote it will stay on all day. I hate to see women sitting in cafes and restaurants applying makeup. it should go on and stay on if applied correctly in the first place
  • Neither. I use some form of Chapstick. I really like Burt's Bees, and they have some kind of tinted lip stuff. (I wouldn't call it lip stick) it's nice too.
  • I refuse to wear lipstick. I heard how much a woman consumes from eating off her lips I got so grossed out. Lipstick that doesn’t end up on your cup or your husband’s cheek, will end up in you (as crazy as that seems). We read a long time ago that the average woman consumes about 6 pounds (eek) of lipstick over the course of her lifetime. Bizarre, but true. However, there’s no need to worry, the ingredients in lipstick won’t harm you and are broken down by stomach acids.
  • I hate both, but I usually stick with regular. The stay on kind gets kind of gross after a while and dries out my lips, and besides it doesn't ever stay on as long as advertised.
  • I prefer the lip inks when I wear lipstick. I do find it doesn't stay glossy though, so I apply gloss periodically.
  • regular. the stay on kind seems to reaaly dry out my lips. and i really haven't had that much sucess with the lipstick staying on all day.
  • I'm not a big lipstick fan...I enjoy shine more than colour, so I go with gloss.
  • Yucky. No lipstick. I use glosses and chapstick, sometimes colored, sometimes not. I just hate the feel of lipstick though!

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