• Yes. I love Michael's and Hobby Lobby even though I can't afford them anymore. I like to crochet, but my hands don't work as well as they used to. And crafting for me can get obsessive. I have to set clear limits and stick to them. I once got caught up in the consumerism of Christmas ornaments when after Christmas Michael's had a sale on Christmas ornaments 90% off! They were the really expensive beautiful ornaments and I was getting them for ten cents on the dollar! I'm sure I lost them in some life tragedy though I don't recall specifically which one. But I very much liked painting pine cones to look like miniature decorated trees one year with my son and niece and I'm sure I got much more pleasure out of hanging those on the tree year after year than I ever did the commercial ones. So I made a rule one year I would not buy ornaments anymore only homemade ornaments or those received as gifts would go on my tree (except for the lights of course!) But in these past 5 years I've only had a little 2' tree and don't even put that out anymore. I may this year since my son and his fiance will be visiting. I usually just put out my little nativity scene. I like stringing popcorn while watching a Christmas movie with family. Or if you have kids maybe you would prefer to string froot loops. Cranberries can be pretty strung on a tree. I've never done that. I did put a gum wrapper chain on the tree one year when I was a pre teen. I have a couple of very crafty friends on other sites. And a couple of my sisters like recipes and food a lot. I remember trying to make a dinosaur pinata for my son's birthday once. It was awful! lol First of all its too hot and humid in Alabama in July to stuff a pinata with candy and (yes, I shamefully admit) GLITTER! I thought it would be so cool to see this glitter fly all over when the beast broke. But I made it too think and it almost wouldn't break and when it did the candy had melted and oozed and the glitter was stuck to it! lol but the teeth were cool. I made those from white plastic fork tines and painted them to look like there was blood on them! What crafts do you do?
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      Just give me some items and I'll make something interesting out of it. Unfortunately I gave away all my tools and supplies at one point in my life. I regret that deeply. I have to refrain from collecting things I see that would work in "something" hahaha Not a big collector but it has to have that certain x factor for me to be interested. Anyway I really miss making things. I miss all my special tools and glues. I haven't tried pottery yet but it looks like it would be fun as would wood carving. I'd like to work on some projects with my partner at some point in the future. I think together we could make some amazing things. He is very talented and I never run out of ideas...ever. I guess you would call me a multi media artist. I love it all metal, glass, natural products, wood, anything that works for the project is good for me. I'd like to do a sculpture sometime out of old car parts, there are some amazing designs used in car parts. Not a huge sculpture a small-medium one, but I'd have to learn how to weld or take it to someone else to have it put together which is not the same. Sometimes I see an object and it inspires me to create with or around it.
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      Linda Joy I love your cranberry & popcorn strands and things you make for Christmas. Only having hand made ornaments is a wonderful idea. Makes a lot of special memories. I'll never look at a pine cone the same again. I plan to pick the next one I see and make a little tree, great idea. thanks
    • Linda Joy
      I've thought of making pottery and wood working as well. Basket weaving and leather work would be interesting also. I watched a video on youtube the other day about all kinds of things you can make from plastic bottles. They made a magnifying glass!!
  • it depends on what inn nnaking
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      Always nice to meet a fellow crafter.
  • Yes; my favorite is sculpting with newspaper mache. Collaboration projects are just as fun as solo ones so, both.
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      Sounds very creative and fun.
  • Making things from items found in nature. I would love to work on a creative project with others now that you asked with the theme Art that speaks to the heart and soul.
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      Absoutely, I have an unfinished idea that has grown and will be completed one day.
  • Yes, I mainly do paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, casein, tempera and Chinese water color. I paint on leather jackets. I also have done sculptures with clay. I have made ceramic cups, bowls, ashtrays, including an ancient Greek kylix. I have done enamelling, e.g. a copper bowl, cufflinks & tie tack. I write books and illustrate them

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