• The Firm is a series of home exercise videos often sold on infomercials. The company guarantees "visible results in 10 workouts" and those who have used the program to lose weight are called "Firm Believers."


    The Firm studio opened in South Carolina in 1979 and began selling home workouts in 1986.

    Synergy Training

    The studio advocates "synergy training," or the combination of weight exercises with cardiovascular activity. According to the company, this combination burns more calories.


    The studio's original videos all had a combination of weights and cardio. Now it sells all types of workouts, including yoga.


    Every few years, The Firm releases a new series of videos, most of which include a fitness gadget. Past products have included the "Fanny Lifter," a set of two adjustable steps, and "Cardio Weights," a set of hand weights. The current system uses the "Wave," a curved board.


    The company recommends that beginners not use weights for the first three to five workouts. Most videos have one instructor who demonstrates modified moves for beginners. After that, The Firm recommends a set of 3-, 5- and 8-pound dumbbells.


    The Firm Web Site

    Collage Videos, "The Firm"

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