• Nebulizers and atomizers both treat respiratory ailments, but in totally different ways. Nebulizers take a while to deliver the full medication, while atomizers only require one spray.

    What Is a Nebulizer?

    Nebulizers turn liquid medicine into a mist so that it can easily be inhaled. Patients use this 10-minute treatment when battling asthma or pneumonia.

    How a Nebulizer Works

    Nebulizers constantly blast air or oxygen through a liquid medicine to turn it into a mist. Once a mist is created, it flows through a tube and into the patient's mouth.

    What Is an Atomizer?

    Atomizers also turn liquids into a mist, but they are used to to dispense something in minimal, controlled amounts.

    Types of Atomizers

    Atomizers are used for inhalers to treat respiratory defects and in many perfume and cologne bottles. Since they are used to dispense only small amounts, they are perfect to use for a metered spray.

    How an Atomizer Works

    One bottle contains the liquid to be atomized. A tube goes into the bottle and connects to a nozzle. When you squeeze the bulb attached to the tube, a small amount of liquid is suctioned up through the tube and launches out, passing through a screen that causes it to exit the bottle in a fine mist.




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