• According to Medical News Today, the difference between anti-cellulite creams and firming lotions is based on the ingredients in each of the individual products and not their classification. The ingredients determine the use and anticipated results of each product, not the designation "firming" or "anti-cellulite."

    How Firming Lotions Work points out that different firming lotions have different combinations of ingredients (some active, some are not) that claim to smooth out the dimpled texture of skin, tighten the skin and even shrink fat cells.

    How Anti-cellulite Creams Work

    Dr. Ava Shamban, an assistant professor of dermatology at UCLA clarifies that anti-cellulite creams work to give skin a smoother texture by reducing inflammation, plumping up the skin and stimulating blood flow.

    Effective Skin Product Ingredients

    According to Cosmetics and Toiletries Magazine, the top manufactured and natural ingredients used in skin care lotions include caffeine, retinal, seaweed extract and Ginkgo Bilbao. They are designed to improve the tone and texture of skin but not necessarily eliminate the problem.

    Expert Insight

    According to Dr. Shamban, cellulite is a problem with connective tissue under the skin that frequently affects women of all ages and sizes. So while there are products that can help improve both its feel and appearance, there is no cure for it.


    Maintaining a healthy weight, getting daily exercise and reducing your fat intake are additional ways that are featured on and prescribed by physicians to help reduce signs of cellulite and uneven skin tone.


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