• go in my computer right click on the C: Drive and click on format. thats as far as i can go. i'm no computer expert, i saww this question posted 2 other times and thought you deserved an answer. when you format, makesure theres nothing on your hard drive and you've got back ups on disc somewhere.
  • Use the Paragon Partition Mgr. to do it.Get it at
  • You better use the Paragon Partition Mgr. that will answer your doubts.
  • This is a high level answer as we don't have room to give you step by step instructions. You can resize the partition automatically or manually as part of the Ubuntu install (as shown here:) You could also use Partition Magic (costs money) to create your partitions ahead of time. You will have some difficulty using either of these options if your hard drive is fragmented to the point where you don't actually have 10GB of contiguous free space at the end of your drive. So you probably need to defragment first.
  • Use the following Run command diskmgmt.msc This will help you to solve your problem of partition.
  • Get a copy of Partition Magic or let Ubuntu do it for you. You'll have to free up the space on your HD to do it, though. My suggestion is to put it on a thumb drive or separate HD, however.
  • 12-29-2016 Ubuntu does that automatically when you install it.

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