• The education cover letter should address the needs of the specific district where you apply for a job. The goal of the cover letter is to get the attention of the administrators amidst hundreds of applications for a few open spots. By tailoring your cover letter to the district, it shows that you put the effort into researching the district and are attentive to detail.


    Before you write the cover letter, research the district's goals and challenges. The district website, individual school web pages and newspaper articles on demographics and test scores help in the research process. Find the district mission statement so that you can reference it in your cover letter. Also, research the curriculum covered in the position for which you will apply. Grade-level curriculum can usually be found on the district website. Address your specific experience with this curriculum in the cover letter. For example, if you covered the same book in your student teaching experience, explain how you presented it in the classroom.

    General Tips

    Keep the cover letter to one page. Proofread carefully. Remain direct and concise. Highlight any teaching experience you may have, such as tutoring or summer camps. List any pertinent skills you possess for teaching, such as the ability to multitask or to change gears on your feet. Explain how your experiences will benefit the district and the students. Cover letters are your first impression with a district. If your cover letter contains mistakes or rambles, you may have to wait a full year to get another chance at a position in the district.

    Body of the Letter

    Demonstrate that you did your homework by addressing a person rather than "To Whom It May Concern." This person may be an administrator or a person in human resources. The first paragraph should state the position for which you are applying. Explain your interest in the position and who referred you. Include information you found in your research and how you fit the district philosophies and profile. Use a persuasive statement as to why the district should consider you for the position. The second paragraph should include any previous experience with teaching. This paragraph will go into detail as to your qualifications for the job. List any skills that you have and explain how they will help you in the classroom. Then, use specific examples that help demonstrate those skills. Highlight the important aspects of your resume, but do not reiterate them. The third paragraph closes the letter. Reaffirm your interest in the position. Thank the district for considering your application. Include references, any contact information and explain that you will follow up on your application status. Include your signature in the conclusion of the letter. At the bottom of the letter, list any enclosures you are sending with your letter. These enclosures may include your resume, a copy of your certification, reference letters or a formal application. Send all required paperwork in one mailing.


    ABC's of Education Cover Letter

    St. Norbert College Career Services: Teacher Education Cover Letter Guide

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