• OK, I'll go first I guess. English- I love You Cambodian- Soro lahn nhee ah Norwegian- Jeg elsker deg Swedish- Jag alskar dig French- Je t'aime/je t'adore Hawaiin- Aloha wau ia oi Hebrew- Ani ohev otah Yiddish- Ikh hob dikh German- Ich libe dich Italian- Ti amo Spanish- Te quiero/Te amo Vietnamese- Anh ye u em Thai- Phom rak khun I'll leave out Pig Latin I guess. Not a real language.
  • I guess just: English: I love you Spanish: Yo te amo. German: Ich Liebe dich French: Je t'ame Italian: Io ti amo. Hope this are correct :P
  • Te amo o te quiero ich liebe dich i love you je t'adore or je t'aime only four :(
  • Easy: <3 A heart :)
  • Not many. Dutch 'ik hou van je'; Frog: je t'adore; German: ich liebe dich; Italian (?)te amore. Problem is I have a MAJOR problem saying it!!
  • You got most of the ones I know covered. In Japanese, you'd say "Daisuki desu _____ " (So I guess "I love you would be ... "Watashi wa anata daisuki desu.") but it doesn't really mean "love," rather "really really like" because they rarely say "love." In Surani Kurdish, it's "Hazam la ____ "

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