• You need to live in the present, with your current bf, and not in the past with your ex. What is done, is done and you are no longer in the same relationship you were, with your ex. If you want to keep this new bf,pay attention to him and don't risk losing him. You can't have your cake and eat it too, without someone innocent getting hurt here.
  • What's wrong there? I miss my good friends sometimes. I even like going out with somebody in opposite sex sometimes, it is a pleasure to be in neutral situation to talk about different problems I don't grasp. I don't believe you fall your ex bf once more. You've both changed. Actually, it's a treasure when somebody knows you thoroughly, you can ask every kind of questions without fearing confusion. If you love your current bf, then you love him. It's not very likely to ruin your current relationship when you sometimes meet you ex.
  • i dont think its wrong but u have a new bf now so you should concentrate on that. if you keep thinking of your ex that could just create problems
  • It's not wrong to miss the old time. But it's not right to dwell on them either, if you know what I mean.
  • When your new boyfriend finds out and dumps you he'll be right.
  • I don't think so there's nothing wrong with having fond memories and missing him. Just don't spend so much time looking back that you miss what's in front of you.

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