• In the fetal position.
  • Very closely. +5
  • Close my eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy myself. Prozac helps too ;)
  • I try to stay cheerful dispite the fact I feel sad, avoid long shopping trips, watch movies instead of TV, drink cocoa with Bailey's Irish Cream, avoid people that aren't good for me, snuggle the kitties, take long naps... stuff like that.
  • I ignore it until it goes away.
  • intoxicated....with or without company....
  • amazing hummble gratitude
  • Very well. A lot of pending work gets done on holidays.
  • I'm never home for them so it makes it pretty easy. I get to spend thanksgiving and probably christmas in a hotel in Pa this year.
  • I wrestle irritating relatives and friends to the floor and make them eat dirt! ;)
  • Just days on the calendar for me.
  • By being just as insane as the rest of my family!
  • I have my own parties over the holidays that the family dowsn't like to attend- they're too Kinky for them!
  • By having a ball, that's for sure.
  • I only do what I want to now that I'm old. I used to have to cook for the masses for a living, and cooked for my family out of love. Now I don't cook on the Holidays. Many offer to bring me a plate, or invite me over, but it just depends on how I feel if I go or not. I loved putting the tree up with my son and later my grandson listening to Christmas music and sipping hot chocolate with a peppermint candy cane, but now they are grown and on their own living their own lives. Being on a fixed income, I don't feel obligated to give expensive gifts anymore. I did that a little after my divorce to try and make it up to my son. But I realized the gift of a better example of fiscal responsibility was probably more important in the long run. Someone had to be the adult. I like to invent new traditions because the old ones sucked. My stepfather would get pissed and pitch a fit. I think he was unhappy he left his first family and it bothered him a lot at the Holiday season. My sister Rosemary (RIP) used to bake cookies and paint the windows. I liked that one and repeated it when I was younger. I used to collect ornaments and lost them at one point in my life and decided then not to buy any more ornaments, that all ornaments on my tree would be hand made and/or edible. And I would make them with my family so we would have those happy memories to look back on every year when we got those ornaments out. The only store bought ornaments on my tree were gifted to me by friends. Its kinda my protest to the commercialism of Christmas. But probably mostly because I'm cheap! lol. I do make gifts for others on occasion.
  • I try to take it one day at a time. Plus Ashwaghanda herb. Helps with mood.
  • Every one gets along in my family.
  • Most of my family have passed on. I only have 1 family member left & we don't even like each other!!! So, I NO longer choose to celebrate holidays. I choose to treat holidays just like any other day. I get up on that morning & go about my day pretty much like any other day. IF the stores are closed, I pretend it's a Sunday & I do things around my house. IF the stores are open, I head out for a good day shopping. I usually take a few minutes in the morning to wish a few close friends a lovely holiday & then I drop it & reclaim my day for ME!!!

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