• You are obsessed with whether or not you are normal and try to get every other woman to say she is the same way so you can feel good about yourself. If you like it and it makes you happy why does it matter what anyone else thinks? Of course, if you are wetting yourself at the sight of a penis then perhaps you should discuss bladder control issues with your doctor.
    • Thriftymaid
      Hi there! Good answer.
  • In my humble experience and the meager knowledge gleaned from nigh 40 years of adulthood and listening to the testimony of - truthfully - hundreds of women: . No, you are NOT normal. You are a rare, rare aberration. . You are wonderful! .
  • No not the same as you. I love men and men turn me on - their penis is part of them but I would not say I am turned on just by a penis. Yes I play with them of course but would not say I love that - I do it, its part of life. Might be considered a sexual activity but to me it is not sex.
  • Yeah you are normal. :)
  • When a woman needs a friend, there's nothing better than men. Men happen to have penises, but a penis is actually a lousy friend. Take care of the man.
  • Is that you, Ice Man....?

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