• That’s abit presumptuous isn't it?!
  • How do you turn pro-lifers into tolerant people????
  • Tell them a story about an unwanted child born into a life of misery. Abortion saves pain.
  • thru education
  • Nobody is pro-abortion. It's called "pro-choice" for a reason. Do we necessarily agree with what some people choose to do? -No. Will we fight tooth and nail to ensure they have the right to make that choice? -YES.
  • The hearts of people who allow choice are the pure and honest hearts of non jugdmental souls. Not control freaks trying to assuage their guilty consciences of self-imposed narrowmindedness.
  • I'd suggest starting by rethinking the decision to refer to them as "pro-aborters" and describing their hearts as made of ice. It might help to open your own heart and mind to the idea that if you want your position to be heard and understood, then you would benefit from trying to understand why others have other positions, without alienating them from the start.
  • Yes. A 13 year old who was raped should be forced to carry a child to term. How icy heartless to think otherwise. (sarcasm for those too dim to get it.) Nobody is "pro-abortion". The term is "pro-choice." How can you melt the icy heart of someone telling you what to do with your own body? That is what I would like to know.
  • How do you open the eyes of pro-lifers to the fact that some pregnancies are better terminated! When will pro-lifers realise that people are pro-choice through compassion for both the mother and the unborn child? Whether or not you approve abortion is legal and not a decision taken lightly. I believe it is better that terminations are undertaken in controlled clinical circumstances rather than backstreet abortions on kitchen tables! One thing is certain for as long as there are unwanted pregnancies there will be abortions....doesn't matter how God fearing, or icy cold you feel about it - it is a fact of life!
  • They don't have hearts of ice. I see both sides of the fence, I have said before I am not for abortion, but only in certain cases. Am I going to judge a person for having one? Not at all, and oddly enough I am not a fan of making it illegal either, because then people will find a a way to get them done, perhaps in an unsafe manner. The way to bring the abortion rate down is education and making sure people understand how important contraception is.
  • Apparently most of the people like you think that the best way to "melt the hearts...of pro-aborters" is to shoot them as they are worshipping in church or to place a bomb in front of the clinic where they work.

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