• I totally agree. The politics will enter in ASAP. I hope the politicians will allow the legal investigation to gather all the facts before they put their political spin on things.
  • Yes, as a matter of fact, I DO agree. Congress is notorious for sticking its nose into things just for whatever political points they can score.
  • You mean doing it in a calm, methodical, logical and efficient way instead of "The Cowboy Way"? Sure, why not? Let's try that. What could it hurt?
  • Have to agree on this one. I cannot think of anything of value the politards could contribute to this, just their normal self-righteous douchebaggery, grilling people about 'why wasn't this stopped?' after the fact, and questioning everyone and anyone at all involved in an effort to find a convenient goat to scape the mess on.
  • I don't get what kind of probes? This Ft, Hood act made me angry beyond belief. 13 people died due to the Army's political correctness. Person(s) who neglected all the red flags from by Hasan should be prosecuted himself. This negligence qualifies as CRIME.
  • well it IS the only logical thing to do
  • Yes, perhaps surprisingly enough, I DO agree. : )
  • Agree. Let the state and locals complete their study first. I mean, it's possible that the federal government was guilty of neglect in some degree and partially or totally liable for the damage. Though I'm not sure how you can put a value on human life.
  • Yes. The Feds have a way of trampling over the local investigators in an effort more to grab the glory, as opposed to actually doing any REAL investigation. The F.B.I. isn't as wonderful as they make themselves out to be.
  • The political correctness promoted by many of those same Congressmen, and the President, are largely to blame for these murders. No, they should not be investigating themselves. They should be apologizing for their liability and worried that the American people will hold them accountable.
  • Absolutely. Congress is the opposite of progress, so if the law enforcement investigation is to have any chance of working, Congress needs to stay out.

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