• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Old Versions Were Full of Malware

    In the original, and most well known versions of Kazaa, many users complained that installing Kazaa led to a number of malware (software installed without the consent of the user) programs appearing on the user's computer. Once this malware was on the user's system, a considerable effort was needed to uninstall unwanted software.

    On the Other: Kazaa Underwent Drastic Changes

    Kazaa no longer offers the malware-infested peer-to-peer file sharing network that caused so many problems in the past because a large number of lawsuits resulting from illegal file-sharing caused the original owners to sell the company. After the sale, Kazaa became a paid music-sharing subscription service. All files available for download on the current Kazaa, as well as the program itself, are legal and malware-free.

    Bottom Line

    It is possible to download the old version of Kazaa, but doing so may put you at serious risk of downloading malware or illegal files. If you want to use Kazaa, be sure to download the new, legal and malware-free version.


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