• It depends. If you had sex about a week before your period was due, then this might just be your period. Is it like one of your regular periods? Or is it more like spotting? It might not be your period, it could be something pregnancy related. I can't say for sure. I'm not an expert on this, and I also know almost nothing about your condition. However, I think it's safe to say that if you had unprotected sex a week before your period, it's likely that you are pregnant. Ovulation (the time when you are fertile) usually takes place 12–16 days before your period, and apparently sperm can stay alive for up to a week while inside of you. It IS possible that you are pregnant. Get to a doctor ASAP, or buy a pregnancy test. And if you are not pregnant, I would like to say this; INVEST IN SOME CONDOMS NEXT TIME.
  • When a period occurs after sex, it does not mean you are pregnant. A period is you releasing an egg, you are not pregnant, however, usually after a period, it is more likely to get pregnant with no protection.

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