• There are a three main types of recommends. The first type is a recommend to receive one's own endowment and/or get sealed to one's spouce. In order to receive this one, the member must be at least 18 years old, have been a member for at least a year, be deemed worthy by his/her local leaders and, in the case of a male, have received the Melchizedec Priesthood. The "standard" recommend is one that allows adult members to participate in all of the ordinances on behalf of those that have died and to accompany those that are going trough to receive their own ordinances. Members get one of these when they receive the recommend for their own ordinances and this one must be renewed by engaging in biannual interviews with their local church leaders. The final type of recommend is the limited use recommend. This one can be given to worthy members who are 12 or older (the boys must hold at least the Aaronic Priesthood) and have not yet received their endowments. It allows the holder to participate in baptisms for the dead. These three recommends available to worthy members throughout the Church. There is one other one-time use recommend that can be issued to any worthy member that is at least 8 years old. This one allows the members to attend a Temple dedication. This one is only issued when a Temple is about to be dedicated and, as such, are generally only available to those who live in the area served by the Temple.

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