• No, but depending on what they were banged up for I might well dump them.
  • It would have to depend on what they were locked up for. I wouldnt consider it cheating if I was only a girlfriend/boyfriend. It would be if you were married to them. But life is short and you need to figure out if its worth waiting for this person or not. I dont think I could.
  • You may as well cheat because if your BF or GF is going to prison they are having sex. Whether they like it or not.
  • No, I'd break up. The only acceptable reason to be in prison is wrongfully accused. If you did seem BS that got you thrown in the clink then obviously you weren't thinking about losing me when you did it otherwise you wouldn't have done it. But in general if the team is on hiatus then I'm a free agent until somebody better picks me up. The previous has a maximum of 6 months to get there stuff together otherwise I consider the operation defunct.

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