• You are joking & made up the charge distracted waliking....right! so you mean disorderly conduct?
    • MichaelXD
      I didn't make it up. Read the news on the internet.
    • Anonymous
      Alright, wondering now what the distraction is! lol
  • I couldn't find anything on distracted walking in particular. But I'm thinking it's probably about the same as what they do for jaywalking and this is what it says about jaywalking in California: "Mandell says courts once issued bench warrants for your arrest, but that doesn't happen anymore. You cannot be taken to jail, nor does it affect your credit."They basically can only ask you to pay," says Vallejo." But you may want to check with your local authorities. Personally I'd rather not risk it.
  • Yes. You're expected to pay the fine, whether you pay it with cash or with time in jail or in community service.
  • i dont see why you would get a ticket for walking
  • Yes but the reason for the ticket is irrelevant.

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