• not at all, we are living in a police state now.
  • When a person's or group's rights are trampled on, and someone or group of someones stand idle and allow it to happen, that person or group is no longer innocent. Because innocence is negated, there is no one who has nothing to fear (except maybe fear of double negatives!). It seems to be just about everyone in America is an American idle in some respect, and that makes us all guilty. (American Idol? Idle? Ha. I made a funny.)
  • Absolutely.
  • Innocent people have nothing to fear sounds like a bumper sticker for facism, creating an atmosphere where people believe that others must be criminal if the government doesn't like what they're doing. The Patriot Act is the single most frightening legislation ever enacted in the U.S., well, unless you were Japanese-American during WWII, or unless .. this could go on & on:)
  • I would say that there's not really such a thing as "Innocent People" in the wake of legislation such as the Patriot Act. Because such legislation changes the definition of the term "Innocent People" Nearly any person can be found guilty of *Something* if you look hard enough. And that's just what the Patriot Act does; looks very, very hard.
  • No way . . . it is a scary state of affairs when you not only have to fear all that is evil but also fear your own government and the power they have to make any of your actions appear criminal.
  • Innocent people should fear the loss of their innocence or anything they treasure. Innocence is like being at the top of the hill... there's nowhere to go but down. Guilty people are already at the bottom expecting to get caught. There's nowhere to go but up. They can be found guilty and be no worse off, but they could be found innocent and gain a step up from the bottom. Innocent people gain nothing new from being found innocent, but can lose everything if found guilty with or without just cause. I'm innocent and I'm very afraid.
  • I don't think it held water before that - just look at the study done on the number of innocent people who have been executed in the U.S. And yet we still have the death penalty. Innocent people had plenty to fear even before the Patriot Act twisted the screws.
  • Remember they can redefine 'innocent' any way they like
  • Things are going to get much, much worse.
  • i know it is now 2009 , but i still agree with the Patriot was necessary in light of terrorism and still is....I would and did ,gladly cede this freedom as a Patriot for the safety of my fellowman....but to go into this thinking it would not be many narrow minded...all things are abused...but it is 'good for us'....why else would any one want to do it , especially at the protest of all the idiots....? he did not care , he just did it..and i for one am grateful....for security of my homeland...innocents had everything to fear beforehand....:)
  • Innocent people still have nothing to fear from the Patriot Act. The Patriot Act is nothing more than a necessary tool needed to fight terrorist that can be hiding in plain sight in our country plotting to kill Americans. There is a war going on.
  • We have nothing to fear except imprisonment without charges, torture, and lack of due process itself.
  • i dont really support the Patriot Act, but thats true, if your innocent their not going to do Sh*t to you
  • That would only make sense if the legislative, judiciary and executive branches of government were all 100% perfect, 100% trustworthy, 100% infallible, from the top person to the lowest clerk.
  • We can be brainwashed to think any law is necessary such as "prohibition" by governments. The German people were duped into Nazism by fears of attacks on the Fatherland which resulted in the massacre of Jewish people, Gypsies, and minorities. Wire tapping without probable cause could be the first step towards SF "Big Brother" scenarios where the government monitors everything we do to make sure we are "safe". "If you are innocent you have nothing to fear" did not hold up during witch hunts and the "Final Solution" for Jewish people.
  • It doesn't always hold true with old fashioned laws, let alone the Patriot Act.
  • When someone uses that axiom, it's an indication that they're about to trample upon people's rights. It's been used to justify heinous acts for millenia.
  • social injustice impacts the 'innocent' as well as the 'guilty', because it presumes guilt and leaves it to the innocent to prove their innocence

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