• I trust the government about as much as a guy that has a van that says free candy on the side.
  • Gov't is the best alternative to chaos, however it has never been succesful in all the history of man to remove the corrupting influence of power, money and prestige upon our leaders and officials. I never have and never will trust gov't; that is my patriotic duty. +5
  • He he. I'm waiting for someone to say "yes" and see how they defend that statement. +5 for a good question!
  • gadz, i love this country more than anything in the world. it has the potential to really revolutionize (no pun intended) the world through ultimately spreading democracy. foibles are many. alex, i've gotta go for, "what is NO" for $500.
  • Not at all times in all matters, but than I would not trust myself or you 100% of the time either. +5
  • I trust the government the say way I trust children, commercial companies, crooks, nuns, and every other person or organization: I trust the government to be true to it's nature. If one does not understand the nature of what they are dealing with, then one cannot handle it with any degree of competency. Take children, for example. Children are not adults and do not have adult priorities or adult ways of thinking or behaving. Failure to understand this will lead to frustration and failures when interacting with children. My youngest daughter, hereafter referred to as "Shiny Object Girl" for her superhuman power to become distracted by the least little thing, is a case in point. If I tell her to do something, like put her clean clothes away that I have just folded for her, I expect that to be done. However, understanding her nature, I know that she will likely become distracted as soon as she walks into her room where all her toys are and the clothes will somehow NOT all end up where they should. She knows where the clothes go. She understands she is to put them away. She is fully capable of putting them where they belong. But if I fail to account for her superhuman power to become distracted, then I will become frustrated by her supposed inability to carry out a simple task. This may lead to becoming angry at her and possibly yelling at her, leading to fear, disappointment, and tears. However, if I understand her nature, I can compensate by following up on her and giving her additional guidance to ensure the task gets done. Government is the same way. Most people seem to think that the government is this autonomous entity that is supposed to always do what is good and right, that they should do what is best for everybody all the time and without any guidance. This is wrong. Government is only as good or bad as human nature allows. And we all know human nature allows for some pretty heinous actions. Failure to observe, guide, and follow up on the government as required will produce results similar to me telling Shiny Object Girl to put her clothes away and then never checking on her afterwards. I trust the government to be true to it's nature. But are people doing what they should to keep the government on an even keel? Hmmmmm....
  • the Government is a lot like a "fart" their always blowing out wind and when they push to hard there's always a mess + they stink! :)
  • I dont think anybody TRUSTS the government. Do they try and have faith in them though? Yeah. I hope they are doing the right thing. But all in all there is no way of proving THEY ARE...or THEY ARNT.
  • This killers? hell no
  • Of course not! I also don't trust the American people to vote in the ideal candidates to make the changes necessary to improve society. It seems to get worse instead of better. Then again, I don't really trust anyone who is in the public limelight. (I'm also trying to figure out how to NOT pay taxes without getting any kind of punishment.)
  • Not in the least. Too many bureacuricies with unlimited powers.
  • No, I keep my eye's, ear, and every sense attuned to the fact that the elected servants will lose sight of what is Constitutional when passing legislation. We the Citizen's must be vilagent in telling our Elected Servants what to do! Politicians are Like Diapers! They need Changing Often and for the same Reason! (Mark Twain)
  • Yes I trust that they have bankrupted our country.
  • I trust that their first priority will be to perpetuate themselves.

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