• i used to be a meth usually stays in your pee for 2-5 days...there are pills you can buy at a smoke shop for 80 will clean you out in just a few suggestion is, get off that is soooooooo not worth it........really....take care....Brian.....
  • Nope. And those pills Brian mentioned are completely worthless. Save your money. The only thing that can clean out drugs from your system is time. Anyone who says otherwise is full of crap.
  • meth changes your ph balance.. so to test negative the only way is to change it back.. you can do this but only temorarily. for example you would do the treatment to balance out your ph.. you actually would even feel sober during last about 2 hrs..with a urine dip stick the color will change if your ph is off.. that would give you a positive if no change it would be negative . thus your ph has been balanced out.. with in an hour or so .. your ph balance would return to the level prior to the treatment, you guessed it. your high but beware.. adult probation and parole.. use some testers that will test for high sodium in your urine if positive. you would get a positive test result for using a method to cover up your positive.. to change your ph balance you use baking soda.. i will not explain the method... I just stay clean for my test.. mom whos wants to quit...
  • someone else's pee

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