• not sure since ive never been into drugs
  • No, I don't believe it is a "stepping stone" or a "gateway" drug. It didn't effect me that way, and when I decided to stop (cold turkey) using it (because it made me sleepy) I found it was much less addictive and a lot easier than quitting tobacco. Of all the "pot-heads" I've known over the years, I've never seen anyone get aggressive after smoking a joint. They're more inclined to go find a sandwich or a bag of chips. I've also known "pill-poppers" and heavy drug users, They didn't have much use for pot it didn't get them high and they all had their own reasons for taking drugs that would lead to their dependency on the drugs of their choice.. I remember in school we were shown the 1936 propaganda movie "Reefer Madness", in hopes that it would scare us away from it. What a joke ! "A puff, a party, a tragedy ! " They actually thought we would believe that bullshit of "smoke a joint and you'll turn into a raving lunatic, then the next thing you know ... you're a needle freak hooked on heroin...
    • Roaring
      Was that the one where the fellow looked in the mirror and saw a monster, later forgetting to tighten wheel nuts to drive out-of-control sports car off a cliff? (8th grade film)
    • Ice man
      LOL I don't recall that part, but it sounds like something out of a Buster Keaton or one of the Laurel & Hardy movies. They MUST have been pot-heads too ... I guess. : )

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