• Companies claim they're losing money putting toys in cereal boxes and some companies were warned that the small toys might be harmful to kids. Afraid of any law suits, most companies have refrained from placing toys in cereal boxes. Some are still taking that risk and are making kids very happy to find a toy in the bottom of the box. I don't remember the coolest toy. It's been so long.
  • Wow, great question. I wanted the cereal just to get the toys. I have to say my favorites were baseball cards. I still have them.
  • Retro's answer is right. It seems that it costs about $1 to insert a toy. By the time you go through the logistics, ship the toys, interrupt production time to set up a toy insertion point. You have spent a lot of money. Nothing could possibly be cooler than the submarines that ran on baking soda. Could it?
  • I think it was probably a watch, which ended up breaking as they all do... But further to this, remember when McDonald's used to have cool toys like the Baby Muppets stuff animals and kinder suprise eggs had the smurfs... those where the days!
  • probably 1. when they put action figures in. i still have my mini princess leia.

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