• They should get harsher treatment if it was a blatant act.
  • I think they should get the harsher treatment. They are supposed to be examples and when they break the same laws that they are supposed to enforce, (and throw people in jail for breaking) their punishment should be more.
  • Why do they have to receive either better or worse treatments as the rest of us? If their crime is performed off-duty, shouldn't they deserve the same punishment as anyone else? Given, they're probably more apt to lose their job from any crime they commit. That should be the only thing that makes their sentencing "harsher", if you ask me. If you think officers should be more moral than others, consider that they are not the only people in that position. Other important positions such as psychiatrists and medical doctors are also in the same boat, as well as less critical positions like safety inspectors and perhaps even gas station attendants. If officers of the law are treated at a different scale, than each of these positions should have a niche as well.
  • i think they should be treated just like anyone else. NO one, not celebs, police, people of different backgrounds, or anyone be treated differently. the reason for this being, is because when people are treated differently, than their sentences are sometimes unfair. thats why some murders get away with things, and then sometimes innocent people are put behind bars.
  • This a hard one and I'm kind of torn. One one hand I think it should be harsher. But on the other then we'd have to have a separate class of punishments for everyone based on job. But never special treatment. How do we expect people to obey the laws and respect the police if they know that some people are getting specially treatment based on job description?
  • Everyone is equal under the law. No one is above the law. Therefore, they should be held to the same accountability as civilians. Where it gets a little blurry is when you have an officer that does something that is lawful in the line of duty, but not completely in line with guidelines set for the officer. Examples: Going 90 over the speed limit when running code 3 Presenting themselves as a police officer(gun, badge, handcuffs) when outside of their jurisdiction Drawing their weapon without completely assessing a situation to see if that was necessary Possessing tobacco on educational property
  • A officer in unioncity county in atlanta GA. made sexual remarks to me while he was taking me to jail. Remind you that I didn't know that my license was suspended since 2001. I found out that my twin sister had some ticket in my name but fail to let me know about the court date. I had my 6 yr. old in the back seat. I was coming home from work and picking him up from after care. The officer said I was going 55 in a 35 speeding zone. I new that was a lie because there was another vehicle in front of me and a school bus in front of that vehicle.That means I would have ran into there vehicle's or he clock us all and only pulled me over which is not fair.As, we was pulling up to the police station he told me that the women in here is going to have fun with me. He ask me did I like women? And he did not read me my rights. Where is the justice. I really hate officer now .U can't fight laws on the streets while you are breaking them.Yes, they should get the same punishment like a commom person.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      You didn't know that your license was suspended since 2001? Well, you should have. It's your license, so it's your responsibility. And he didn't read you your rights? So what? Just because you're in handcuffs, it doesn't mean you have to be read your rights. Quit believing everything you see on TV.
  • They should be treated just like everyone else, "rule of law", no one is above the law so why make a big deal about it, everyone makes mistakes. They're not here to set examples, they're here to make sure everyone has equal rights.
  • Harsher treatment they definately know better
  • I say with all the cops out there who think that their power makes them always right, police should have stiffer penalties than civilians. The police are there to enforce the law. We give them many rights that normal citizens do not have. When they allow themselves to break the law they are betrayign the trust the public has put in them. I have not sworn to uphold anything in the civilian world, they have. If they break that oath they need to be hit by a thrown book.
  • A difficult one because like Communism the Law states we are all equal under the Law. So in theory they should be treated the same way as a non law officer. In practice they usually are treated in a more harsh manner for a serious crime and I think most of us feel that is not a bad thing.
  • They should be treated the same as everyone else, they may be officers of law but they are human as well and if they break the law i'd have to say they weren't meant to be a police officer,not all people are cut out for the jobs they hold.
  • Not harsher treatment. They should know better.
    • Archie Bunker
      Everyone knows better.
  • They should get harsher punisment, because there are not like a normal citizin they know all the laws! they also took n oath wen they go htat job to obide by all laws, they also should get punished for breaking the law or violating the rights of citzens because they are not normal citizens they think because ther job is to enforce the law not break it!!!!
  • they should get harsher treatment since they should know better
    • Hardcore Conservative
      And all the other people don't know any better?
  • Why would they get treated any differently? Everyone gets equal protection under the law.
  • They should be treated the same as every other citizen.
  • probably equal treatment

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