• Against it. I think marriage is for all.
  • I would vote for it, IF the government issued civil unions to EVERYONE. Let the Churches issue marriages to whoever they wish so we don't have to listen to their BS about the sanctity of marriage.
  • against it. BUT, i would place HIGHER requirements on those who intend to marry. I would also create alternative UNION options for those who want to be legally bound, but not committed. there could be civil unions, contract union, financial unions, term unions, etc
  • Of course. I'm all for taking away people's rights.
  • I'd vote in favor of marriage. Anybody who loves someone enough to marry them ought to be able to. +5
  • Marriage is self vote. Why should there be a public vote? It is an individual issue. Even now the couples who live together are not always happy and do not have problems of their own. Marriage is not to make a couple miserable- it is to help the couple identify themselves as united and as one. A family unit that would support and help each other throughout the life of each of it's own members. But now people are not able to see this unity. The generation is more in favor to be self individuals rather than being as a team. Individuals are great as their own and in their own speciality but marriage is the training ground for those who can and appreciate co-operation, team work. It is a ground for building up character and maturity.
  • No way. We should preserve as many of our rights as we can.
  • Against. I support consensual love in ALL its forms. Gay, straight, trans, polyamorous, whatever, as long as all parties consent.
  • I have no idea. I like the idea of a big celebration. But then again, who needs a big expensive kaboosh that in the end you just get a piece of paper saying you are legally married? You don't need a piece of paper to prove you love each other.
  • I apologize for giving an opinion instead of an answer....Any human who is in love and in a stable long term relationship, who wants to spend the rest of their life together and want a family has that right. Whether they choose surrogacy, insemination, or adoption, I personally advocate adoption....but that aside...I support any way that people could have a legal obligation to one another....not gay, but I LOVE THEM!!!!because they are people too, and have the rights as straights, and society has a corn cob stuck up their ass!!!!!sorry, got on my soapbox
  • no. however I would vote for a proposition which had the law view ALL civil unions including marriage as the same. also the vows of all such unions would be legaly binding eliminating the "no fault" BS from marriage. other unions could be written for no fault, but marriage has a specific outline to include fidelity making sex outside of marriage a breach of contract.
  • I would vote against any measure to ban marriage. The public should have no say in the relationships of others like that.
  • I would vote against it. +5
  • I don't mean to sound disrespectful, but i cant contain this one. That was the stupids question i've ever read in my whole entire life...ok, not THE stupidest one, but pretty close/ No i wouldn't ban it. I'm not a Communist.
  • I would rather choose to ban sex before marriage.
  • I wouldnt vote against it because its my choice to get married or not and the people that do give it a bad name when they mess up,but i dont think it should be banned because im not the one married to the wrong person I dont want to get married
  • i'd vote against it. although i don't believe in marriage many people do and it is their choice if they wish to be married.
  • i wil vote against it and it will work :D
  • I can understand a tad why someone would vote for it. More than half the world ends in divorce anyway so would it really make a difference? Regardless, I would vote against it. I'm for ALL marriage whether gay or straight.

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