• No not really, I like having other people be rich and famous, let the papparazzi chase them around instead of me
  • IDC that we are interested in them, what upsets me is that entertainers (Athletes included) are the highest payed people in the country! The people who's job is SUPER important like the President (Not that I think W. deserves a raise, but the position as a whole) should be payed much more money. People who scrape poop in the sewers, and the people who do those dirty-ass jobs that no one else wants deserve alot more money for doing, for lack of a better phrase, our dirty work. Hurrah for those guys!
  • No, because it was recorded in the scriptures that people would be lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God.
  • No it does not bother me but I do think they are overrated.
  • No it doesn't. It does upset me that we are not also concerned about the abject poverty that still exists in the world.

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