• Fox News is like Teletubies. I wouldn't listen to anything they say.
    • Venus1485
      CNN is less reliable than Fox news.
  • Well, that statement is not really very scary to me. Fox News is a right leaning network, but every other news channel is left leaning and overtly biased. Fox and the Republicans are hardly in "cahoots."
  • I think there is some truth to this. I believe the more the goverment gets involved the more they muck things up. However, at this point, there is somethings the goverment can do to help us. Tort reform, tax credit for self insured, better grants for med students, grants for hospital equipment all could help cut cost and would be a benifit. Most proposals include these things and should help. But most talking heads are not talking about this. Of course all news channels thrive on fear... so there will always be something to be scared of. Health caer is just the "moster of the week"
  • Of course the GOP is trying to scare the American people. The GOP is the party of the rich and big business. Fox news is just conservative TV. The GOP does not want anything to change. Their constituents are making a lot of money off a flawed health care system that only works for the rich and big business. We have a chance with Obama to get health care for everyone. We all, as Americans, need to calm our fears and work to get this thing done. +5
    • Venus1485
      Obamacare is disastrous!
  • Republicans have legitimate differences with those who think health care reform should go in the direction that the President is pushing it in. Fox news reportage is factual. Their opinionating is just that: opinion. . It is the proper business of people who disagree with a proposal to try to convince other people not to go with it.
  • Of course they are! Who do you think makes a ton of money from overpriced health insurance? Who controls Fox? Yes, that's right, the Republicans!
  • Well, Fox & the republicans being in cahoots isn't really news, they might as well just be the public relations branch of the party.
  • I told you you didn't believe me, did ya?
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  • So are the Democrats with CNN, NBC, CNBC, ABC, NPR, and 90% of news papers and Internet news sights. Somebody has to speak for the conservative.
  • Fox News isn't legally required to tell the truth. Now what does THAT tell you?
  • It's amazing there are still people that hide from the obvious. Of course they are in cahoots. Fox invents fabricates the news - what's new. I miss the days of Walter Cronkite.
  • Gimmie a break! All news media is biased one way or the other.
  • Fox News is pure garbage to me
  • Do any of you people watch Fox News? Judging from your answers I am guessing that you don't. Hannity rides the party line with repubs. Beck, and O'reilly are fair to both parties. Beck has been very consistent about big government programs. whether from right or left. I believe that now more than ever you will get more truth from fox than you will from any other news outlet. It seems to me that this current administration has most of the media in his back pocket. Very different from Pres. Bush's years. I urge everyone to watch a little of all cable news. then follow up with a little research on what your told by them.
  • Of course Fox News and the Republicans are in cahoots, they've always been, (see 2000 election) The Conservatives/Republicans don't have any solutions, nor do they ever fix anything. The Conservatives controlled the entire government for the past 8 years and did they fix anything they claim to stand for? Did they outlaw abortion? Did the fix the illegal immigration problem? Did they invest in our infrastructure? How are our schools doing? Did they do anything with health care? Conservatives/Republicans are the ultimate do nothings! They are masters of controlling their flock with slogans and fear. Let's face it; Conservative/Republican voters aren't exactly the smartest people, that's why it's easy to whip them up in a frenzy over non-relevant wedge issues. The Conservatives/Republicans nearly pushed our country to the brink of a depression, they never caught the guy that attacked us 9/11, they gave no bid contracts to their war profiteering buddies, they invented the "culture of corruption", they invaded a sovereign nation for no reason, they had secret prisons and tortured people, they spied on Americans, and they looked the other way while the banks were destroying our economy. The list just goes on and on and on. None of this stuff angers the Zombie Republicans though, because they watch Fox News, so they're scared to death of Obama. They think he's going to take their guns away and set up "death panels" to "pull the plug on grandma" and pay for abortions. They think Obama is "a racist", "a Nazi", "not a real Christian" and "un-American because he's not wearing a flag pin on his lapel." These are the types of slogans that zombies all worked up…
  • Fox & the Republicans, Liberals and the rest of the media. The poor Libertarians have to fight tooth & nail just to get a word in edgewise!
  • I dont get involved in things I have no control over. What Fox reports, how they report it, why they report it or even if they make it up and then report it I dont care. I dont listen to their news. I dont care what Fox or the Republicans have to say.

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