• Yes. +3
  • No, I throw things away that I don't need all the time. My problem is that I sometimes throw too much away and regret it later.
  • Yes, but I'm going to have to get over it because my house needs a clean sweep kind of.
  • We have a three bedroom house full of goodies we don't want to throw away! Two "adults", three cats, and STUFF!!! It really bothers me to have to throw away food that has spoiled. Just can't seem to eat it all fast enough :)
  • really dislike throwing things away. My mom tell me I'm going to be a pack rat. Don't know why? it just seem like wasting or maybe I may need it later. I donate alot, but can't throw them away.
  • No. Particularly since we're getting ready to move. Everything I donate to Goodwill Industries is one more thing I don't have to carry to the new place and find new storage room for.
  • yeah I don't like throwing stuff away epscaily the funny comics in the newspapers since I love to read them ^^;
  • yes makes me feel wasteful.
  • Just my old worn out T-shirts, I get attached to them. lol : )
  • After my mother died, I had to clear out and fix up her house, everything, a lifetime of stuff. What a job. Don't do that to your loved ones, who have to do in weeks what you couldn't do for years and years. It certainly taught me the lesson about keeping only what you really want and need. My wife and I also learned some lessons as we cleared out the basement and the attic. It means getting rid of emotional baggage, too, and there's a benefit to you: It opened our lives for a change, for new experiences and yes even new things, which never would come into our lives without getting rid of the past.
  • No, not material things, but I hate throwing away either spoiled food or food I forgot about and it turns out to be years beyond the expiration date.
  • I hate to throw away food. Last week I found some veggies in the back of the fridge, which I had forgotten. I try not to let that happen often.
  • yea. so wasteful. pretty much anything u throw away can be used
  • Yes. It seems we live just to get new so we can throw the old away instead of repairing or updating it.
  • If it serves no purpose I do not hesitate. If it may be of use to others I attempt to find to sell, give or recycle before the trash. +6
  • No, I don't. "When in doubt, throw it out." Or if it's useable, give it to charity. Needless to say, my house is uncluttered (even the storage areas!)....
  • Yeah, I'm one of those.
  • The complete opposite, I love to throw things away....and have made a few mistakes because of doing that.... (Is your picture the one in your "Avatar"?)
  • I am an antique dealer and I can tell you in the business there is a saying that goes like this. Everything is for sale. With that thought in mind it drives me nuts to throw out things I know I could probably find a customer for........eventually :)
  • Sometime i do not like to throw away things which i have bought with good heart.
  • I am reluctant to throw things away and would rather give them to someone who needs them.I do hoard lots of furniture fittings etc in hope that one day they will come in useful.
  • Only if they are still in good condition
  • Sometimes, I can be a bit of a packrat
  • Yes, I'm sentimental.
  • I'm very frugal and I try to get as much use out of something as I can. There comes a time to toss things though.
  • Not if they're ruining the space in my house. This can lead to a cluttered, unsanitary and unsafe living environment.
  • Yes. I'd rather give it away or donate it. And like many others I detest wasting food. And like Tveg I'm sentimental as well. But I've learned (from necessity) that I can take a picture of the sentimental item and then pass it on.

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