• Grand Old Party- stands for republicans.
  • Grand Old Party. It refers to the Republican party. Ironically, the democratic party is actually older than the republican.
    • C3Po
      the democrats initially called themselves the GOP too.
  • It means Gooey Oozey Pussheads, or Republican Fat Heads.
  • so grand old party means what? that theyve been in office the last 8 years? or what!
  • Greedy Oil Producers Going Off Point Geriatrics On Parade Get Out of Politics Sorry, couldn't resist.
  • Has anyone noticed that the only people responding to this question, are democrats? I guess Obama supporters have nothing better to do than to sit around on their computer all day, dreaming up "personal" attacks on republicans. Why don't you people focus on the Facts. Obama has friends that are TERRORIST!!!!! He also believes in Murder. I don't care what anyone says, if you kill a baby, or anyone else, it's called Murder. If it's a womans "right" to choose, then why don't I have the "right" to choose to kill anyone I feel like? Oh, by the way, I Am a woman, and a baby is a person. How do you justify that? I guess the reason you people have to make personal attacks, is because you can't focus on the facts, because there aren't any good ones for Obama and, the facts about McCain are all positive, so you have to focus on what you consider to be "personal flaws". I wonder how many people out there think they are perfect?? Oh, and would you all be happier if Palin's daughter killed her baby? We All make mistakes, I don't care who you are!
  • The Grand Old Party!
  • Get Over Palin!
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Feb.,02
  • It actually stands for Gallant Old Party.
    • C3Po
      i think the democrats initially were the Gallant old party and the republicans then named themselves also the GOP, but in this case the Grand old Party.
  • The first GOP were the Democrats the new GOP is the Republicans. simply put, both are the oldest and biggest political parties in the U.S.
  • God Only Pose

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