• their own, but monitored by software. there is some good stuff out there to spy on them HEHEHE
  • It really depends. you can put in internet filters either way and that will keep them away from porn and stuff. If this is a sex thing, it would be best to deal with letting your kids know about sexuality so they don't get so curious on the net. Everything I learned about sexuality was learned on the internet, because my parents told me nothing.
  • We have 2 computers. One in our bedroom and one in the living room. My children will not be allowed to have a computer in their room while they are under 18. They will always be supervised. We have software installed that automatically emails us any new log-in's emails or passwords they create plus it keeps a history even if they think they've deleted the history. I dont care if my children think this is unfair, I dont care if other parents think this is too harsh. I'd rather be the crazy bitch of a mom who is too strict than the mom who has lost her child to an online predator.
  • My boys were all grow'd up by the time this was an issue. When the eldest was born we didn't even own a computer. By the time the youngest was born, we had one but the internet wasn't on-line yet. At the age of four my youngest had his own on-line account at the Coffee Clutch BBS. The sysop was amazed that he could operate the computer, modem and BBS software without adult supervision. So much so that he advertised "Home of the youngest BBSer in Nova Scotia" on his login page. The youngest was eight before we owned more than one computer and he was 13 before he got his own. By that time he had been thoroughly brainwashed by my wife and I in the dangers of internet predators. When he was fifteen, I needed to borrow his computer and happened to notice his browsing history contained some porn sites. In a pure case of mixed feelings... I was both appalled that he could do this and pleased that at least it was straight porn (not that there's anything wrong with gay porn). As he was 15 at the time, I just considered it the modern-day equivalent of the Playboys I had stashed in my closet when I was his age. Access to computers or the internet doesn't seem to be the issue here (at least not in my mind). What is the issue is honesty. I always knew that if my boys had any questions or felt something wasn't quite kosher, they could come to me (or their Mom) and we would figure it out together. It's not so much about restricting the kids, but ensuring they are safe and know enough to protect themselves. After all, we won't be there for them forever. Hope this helps.
  • I think when they are under the age of 18, it is best for them to use a supervised family computer in a central location. +5
  • It depends on their ages.
  • Children 7-17 should use a computer in a central location. The internet is very dangerous and until a child learns that they need to be supervised.
  • I agree with you, you should have one computer in a central location. It's way safer, and you can monitor what they are viewing. (especially boys) haha! And maybe have your own laptop so you don't have to fight them for the computer. In my opinion it's best to get them a computer of their own when they reach high school. That's when they really start to need it. (thats what my mother did)
  • I think that children should have their own computor as long as it's not connected to the Internet. Just Download whatever software that they may need for school or whatever software you want them to have.
  • i think they should be supervised and have parental controls on it
  • If it's for studying purposes, yes. Today, young children often have access to computers and tablets at home. This exposure to technology is believed to help kids develop some skills.
  • Parents need to monitor their young children's computer use.

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