• a lot of people view intellectuals as rude, snooty, and arrogant because of how they come across.
  • jealousy
  • Those who are not intellectual fear being made a fool of so ridicule the intellectual. Those who are quite intellectual envy and actively dislike those with superior intelligence! Tough old world.
  • I don't think they do. I find most people are fine about it so long as the intellectual is not obviously showing off or being condescending.
  • ohh !! don't you still like me polly,,,hehe
  • because they do not understand us.
  • I don't think a lot of people resent intellectuals unless they are very uppity and arrogant. Personally, I love intellectuals; I can learn from them.
  • If you're not on the same level then you're fair game! some people just can't handle the fact that someone they view as inferior to them is actually in truth far more intelligent, it grinds them down to the point of conflict, envy, jealousy, hate, intellectuals fear superior brains too! & so it goes on! Lol…
  • Because of their lack of intelligence.
  • All talk no action?
  • Because they think that they are always right!
  • I don't think people resent intellectuals but some of them come across as belittling others or they are rude and arrogant. Be intellectuals but do it intellectually by stating your knowledge without condemnation. Sometimes it can come across that way and that's not the way to get respect...well, at least not in my eyes ;)
  • Polly I stumbled across this question and it took me back in time 1980. . I dated for a months or so a dude that was graduated Harvard, I must say I was impressed with his knowledge and his command of the English language. What sucked was I had no clue what the man was talking about....And you know how ackward it is totting around "Webster" on dates. . My theory here is kick back, come down to earth, be on the same level as the person sitting across from you that you are other wise enaging in a conversation with. There are intellectuals that "down to earth folks" then you have the intellectuals that snub their nose so high in the air they get all the smog first!
  • In today's society it doesn't take much to be considered intellectual. Correct grammar and pronunciation and the fact you actually read books because you enjoy reading will get you that label. If people do resent 'intellectuals', it's because they think that person makes them look stupid, when it hasn't anything to do with the other person at all.
  • I asked a co-worker why the boss treated me so shabbily. She said because I was so f'ing smart. I asked if I did anything that anyone would take negatively. She said no, that the boss was the most insecure, jealous person, and could not stand it when others always spoke positively about me. The weird thing is that it still hurts how she would treat me. I gotta get over this.
  • A few reasons: 1) Attitude - Intellectuals, and people who think they are, often come across as arrogant. They have brain power, but not necessarily the skills to communicate their ideas without hurting the other person's feelings. It's sort of a "I'm right, you're wrong thing" attitude "they" have. 2) Jealousy - Yes. Some people are jealous. They don't like people who outshine them. 3) Ego - People don't like being wrong. Some people, even if corrected in the most gentle manner, just don't like being corrected. They must always be right. 4) Ignorance - Many do not have any idea about how things work, and think they know it all. 5) Fear - Some fear those who are different and/or better than them.
  • Pedantic, effette snobbery comes to mind. Hot air? Too much blah, blah, blah and too little substance, otherwise they are wonderful.
  • Envy and insecurity.
  • Intellectuals can be perceived to be different.
  • Yea, but are you good in bed? LOL :O)
  • Intimidation! I, however, am STIMULATED by them! I have a voracious appetite to learn. I consider it an "honor" that they should so freely share their knowledge with me!
  • maybe they're annoyed at having to be clever instead of mundane
  • Insecurity Jealousy Closed minds
  • Do they? I admire them. Actually, I tend to put them on a pedistal a bit and I hope that before I die I will have a small smattering of intellect! Nothing compares to a good brain especially if it is a kind one on top of it!:)
  • because they are jealous of them, that's why jocks beat nerds up.

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