• Yes! This IS neglect of child health and safety,and I wouldn't put my kids there at all if I were you!*+++++*
  • Your friend could get in a lot of trouble herself if a social worker sees that diaper rash. Its the parent's responsibility to get the child out of the situation, not just report it. If she takes the child to the pediatrician, the pediatrician will be required to report that diaper rash and blaming the daycare won't get her out of the mess. Yes, she needs to report it, but she needs to get her baby out of there first. I don't know who is in charge of overseeing daycare in your state, but I'm sure the health department knows if you start with them. They'll give you the phone number for the right agency. Unless your friend is a single mom and has no choice, she might want to crunch the numbers and see if she is actually getting to keep any of her pay after she pays for daycare, a second car, a work wardrobe, eating out or eating prepared meals because she doesn't have time to cook, a higher tax bracket, etc. Often times you barely break even on that second income. If she stays home with the baby, she'll know he/she is getting the best of care.
  • Youth and Family Services should be notified immediately.

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