• my thoughts, you took my question lol i read a couple articles from a couple different sources, and i think shes getting stressed out, myabe she just cant handle the attention from the presidential race ect.
  • Good. Maybe wolves will stop being murdered.
  • Well. I'm kind of startled, as I live in Alaska and I haven't seen shit in the news about it. Wtf?
  • a surprise.
  • Does someone has some damning evidence that forced the resignation? Or... Is she resigning in order to pursue the presidency? If she is leaving to make a run for the presidency then I have to ask this; do you really want an arrogant, up-tight, ill-informed shrew who abandoned her office to pursue her own national ambition instead of fulfilling her obligation to the people of her state as your president?
  • Bad news. She is probably preparing for a run at the Presidency in 2012. You think Obama's bad. Wait until we get the bubble headed sportscaster in the Oval office.
  • I do not think much about it.It will probably the last time the public will hear her name,at least when it comes to politics.If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen.
  • Every time I think she's outdistanced her last lunacy, she jumps the shark again. It won't make any difference to he sycophants. It won't win any converts among her doubters.
  • sad...she has let the lunatics win....but how did she put it, "tired of the superficial, wasteful,political bloodsport?" .:)good , honest reasons to quit....but she isn't quitting trying to make a difference, just the political game on the outside...:) u go girl!!!:)
  • Wow, just wow. This is the first I've heard about it. My guess is that she's planning something else. She's a politician, so by default I don't believe any of her reasons.
  • I hope she's not quitting because of the Liberal loudmouths out there. She seemed to have them scared out of their minds. I thought that was a GOOD thing!
  • Maybe the Alaskan wolves will have a fighting chance now. Here is hoping they repeal the law that encourages aerial attacks on them that Sarah Palin is responsible for. Oooh down 5 points. Someone LIKES the idea of killing wolves from planes I guess. Go figure. Shooting animals with no cover from high up. Nothing like fair play. And that is certainly nothing like it!
  • Finally.
  • I would like to think this attention whore will simply disappear, but she is more than likely going to run for president.
  • I sure hope the bitch just cut her own throat!!
  • She's probably having an affair with that wacko governor from South Carolina. I think it's a Republican thing. They can't seem to keep their pants on. Every time a Palin quits, the country gets a little smarter.
  • What I just read there are several thoughts. 1. She was tired of people jumping on her crazy family. 2 Problems with some taxes on the sled race sponsors for her husband. 3. Too many criminal case started on her. 4. She might make more money on a book next spring. 5. Too many spats with McCains office. 6. Too much stress. This all out the news piece. She must think it's easier in DC, Some of her close staff didn't know about.She had 2 years left and quit. She her family voted she say and vote was 3 yea and one hell Yes and the Hell yes made it right.I thank she scared of something and not very bright.
  • It is about time !
  • So that explains the moose and wolves celebrating all night long.
  • She has blessed the USA!
  • Good riddance, to bad rubbish!
  • Her eye is on a bigger prize so she is beginning her training for that now rather than wait until she finishes her commitment to her state and its people. That shows a certain lack of responsibility in my opinion. She probably would also cancel a date if something better came along. Not very polite or respectful. :) ((hugs))
  • If she couldn't stand the heat as a Governor, how'd she stand the heat as a Vice/President?

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