• The American lifestyle
  • A diet of drugs and alcohol with a few cigarettes thrown in cannot be good.
  • unhealthy eating. You HAVTA eat right...or health snowballs. You might be skinny, but still theres lack of nutrition, and even if your as healthy as a horse...when age comes around there will be problems.
  • regular eating out... drinking and smoking........
  • Being on answerbag for long hours and rambling on matter that aren't worth talking.Spending sleepless nights in the mean process and munching a lot of junk at the sametime.When that doesn't satisfy the senses,then switching over to smoking to relieve the tension of a heated up thread.Taking a break and watching television.Coming back again and posting some stupid questions and answering others with dry humour and a** sucking sarcasm.Still,not getting the mind off the heated up thread and going back there with a vengence and drunk.Calling out people as pigs,dogs,bulls,rats,vampires,fungus.Finally ending up in a Penalty box and spending rest of the night horribly drunk. .. Trust me,such species do exist.
  • vegans
  • greed, chasing money, keeping up with the Jone's, selfishness, food and sugar diet...
  • The lifestyles in which you can't control yourself...
  • junk food for breakfast, lunch and dinner + spending all time in bed or watching tv, playing games
  • drugs drugs and more drugs
  • Those on the Atkins diet. Just ask Dr. Atkins, oh wait, it didn't work for him, did it? They smell funny, look sickly, and often end up in the hospital.
  • Wrong attitude towards self and others.
  • The akin's diet. This diet will cause a person's blood flow to the heart to reduce by 40% on average after just one year (ref: Mike Anderson's "Eating" DVD). That is a diet to a very early death!
  • Experiencing depression a lot can cause an unhealthy lifestyle but sometimes situational depression can be beyond a person’s control.
  • Being a drug-addicted amateur prostitute professional sky diver and sword-swallower. Oh: and part-time professional hot dog eating contestant.
  • I think eating cheese burgers, cheese steaks, french fries, pancakes. waffles with sugary syrup, pastry, ice cream and other sweet caloric deserts. IOW most foods that taste really delicious. Suggestion eat once or twice a month as a special treat... Unless your doctor tells you not to. Many of these foods are especially harmful to people with diabetics. Of course not a food, smoking tobacco products and drinking alcohol if one is alcoholic. Lastly not taking meds as prescribed and not getting yearly checkups and other tests as determined by one's health care professional.

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