• move on buddy...there are plenty of fish in the sea and you are very young...chances are, even if you did get back with her, it wouldnt last.
  • It helps to keep this in mind: As soon as you win her back you will remember why you dumped her in the first place only now if you dump her again you will really be a jerk.
  • Maybe you just really want her back because she's moved on and you see her with another guy. Just give it some more time.
  • Just learn from your mistakes. Next one you find don't do the same thing unless she's a flooze.. better yet hang on to her if she IS a flooze. What I wouldn't give to be 15 again with those piddly problems LOL
  • you are 15 ... you don't know what you want yet ... if she comes back on her own then so be it. other than that have fun dating other girls. There are a lot more fish out in the sea. If it's meant to be then you will end up together, but for now let it be and move on. I'm twice your age plus 5 I have wisdom beyond my years.
  • You're 15 you don't love her, your not even old enough to understand yourself, let alone someone else well enough for love. Move on.
  • Sorry to say, but you're 15. It isn't love, the kind you build a lifetime relationship on, it's first time infatuation. I know it seems like some very serious, I'm gonna be with her forever sorta thing, but it isn't. Try to see it for what it is, growing up. You are going to have many relationships that seem like"this is the one", but you need to get a little older before you have a serious "commitment" relationship. Let it go and go find another lady to get to know.
  • Keep on moving on. You had her and dumped her. Now you want her because someone else has her.
  • are you sure you know about love? +2
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say ignore those who are say 'oh, you're only 15...' Age is irrelevant here, what's going on is she has moved on and you obviously haven't. However, is it not possible that this 'loving' her is because there were stronger feelings than you first anticipated when you broke up with her? Therefore, because you can't have her anymore you are feeling like you love her because that's exactly the problem? I realise some others have made similar points, but I hate that just because you are younger than most on here you are told that it can't be love because you 'don't know what you want', you're 'too young' or whatever...
  • Let her do what she needs to; for God's sake, don't get in the middle of her new relationship. The best thing you can do is be your best self. Show her all your best aspects. If she wants another try, she'll take it. And no disrespect gets hard to hear over and over, I know...but you're young. You may be mature and intelligent, but you have much ground to cover in your life. Love is a complex, deeply rooted and utterly unmistakable feeling. You probably feel a mixture of infatuation and jealousy, no matter how powerful it feels. Good luck. If this isn't the right girl, still always treat her with respect and your right match will come along.
  • You are too young, no idea what love is. You are just being messed with by the chemicals in your head. Hate to break it to you, but you will have to get used to this. You shouldnt even be dating now anyway, completely pointless.

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