• If you are lactore tolerant, it means that you can eat and drink antying that contains lactose.
  • I think you mean "intolerant" and you would suffer indigestion if you did.
  • no. if you're lactose-INTOLERANT it means that if you eat or drink anything with lactose, you will suffer indigestion. if you are lactose-TOLERANT you CAN eat lactose.
  • my cousin can not have ANY milk products, making it very hard for him to eat alot of everyday foods, if he does, he swells up. so no, LACTOSE TOLERANT means you can eat/ drink products containing lactose LACTOSE INTOLERANT means you cant eat or drink any foods containing lactose
  • yes, you would indeed suffer from upset stomach... iam also lactose intolerant..but i can consume regular ice cream and cottage cheese..but only milk, that i cannot digest properly...i use lac free/nonfat version
  • If you mean intolerant then no. There are degrees of lactose intolerance. Some are more intolerant than others. Sweetend milk products such as ice cream or chocolate milk will not effect you as much. The added sugar helps your body to digest the lactose at a slower pace and therfore will not give you the same symptoms as regular milk. Cheese will also be less of a problem.
  • I think I'm lactose-tolerant but sometimes if I have too much I don't feel well. I'm guessing you can tolerate anything lactose but there is a limit to how much your body can take.
  • No, it means that you tolerate lactose, an food that contain lactose just fine. :-D
  • probably not

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