• Fear. People fear what they don't understand, then hate what they fear.
  • Overly sexually conservative. Some people just don't do the things homosexuals do. Not even to people of the opposite sex. I think if they think about it long enough... It gives them wood and it freaks them out so they have to hate it rather than understand it.
  • All the stigma that came with it from religious people and homophobes in general that hear rumors and become even more scared. Homosexuals aren't sex crazed rapists who spread AIDS and STDs.
  • Societies views against it
  • Fear of the unknown, or fear that by embrasing homosexuality that you might become gay. . It's always fear. No matter how they try and hide it. It's fear.
  • Homophobia. The ones that expose it the most are most prone to commit it
  • Ignorance, fear and lies. Most people fear what they don't understand, and in turn, hate what they fear. They've also been force-fed lies, assumptions and stereotypes for so long, that they accept them as truth. And most have been "trained" for so long to hate anyone different, that they absolutely refuse to accept or attempt to learn the truth. This also applies to those who hate people because of their race, religion or culture as well. Also, in some cases, the ones who scream the loudest are the ones with the most to hide. Some homophobes are actually closet cases themselves.
  • I think the fact that many believe that women and men were created for each other and not to have each other as sex partners!
  • Values.
  • Acceptance of their own sexuality,and fear of going to hell.*+++++*
  • Dogma. Believing untruthes from other people's mouths.
  • Fear and ignorance.
  • *People telling small children it's bad *Religious/Political fanaticism *TV/movies/books/songs always being about heterosexuality
  • I do not have a clue my friend...not one. Who someone loves doesn't affect my life at all. I don't ask permission of others about my life choices and I don't expect to be asked for my permission or approval about others life choices. The whole thing is ridiculous in my opinion. Next thing you know we'll be asking permission about what we may read, what we are allowed to think and where we can live. It is no one's business but the people one's. Why there are so many who think it is puzzles me. :) ((hugs))
  • Religion Traditions Ignorance Feeble-mindedness -and a lot more of silly excuses/justifications...
  • Fear. Fear is the driving force behind most of our actions. One is not a hero because he chooses to be, rather, he/she is a hero because he/she is afraid of what will happen if he/she does not act. One does not marry because he/she truly loves, rather, he/she is in fear of losing his/her loved one. What drives forward homophobia is fear of the unknown. People have been known to not be comfortable with new ideas. Think about it. In 7th grade, you probably were not spending the afternoon reviewing for the test on parablas. Instead, you were out with your buddies. Because you did not understand the new math, you reverted back to the default which you have always known: your friends. People think that homosexuality comes from outside influences, which is right in some cases. However, the main cause of homosexuality is in the brain, in some of the glands that control our puberty. Many people would choose to shun this idea, and they are simply afraid of their surroundings, and believe that the "gay virus" is transmitted through human contact. Why? The "worst" that could happen would be that a gay guy/girl tries to hit on a "straight" guy/girl. But is it really worth it to put away other peoples ideas just because you are uncomfortable? This is saying you are better than everyone else. Which you aren't. And people don't choose to accept this fact because of fear. Fear.
  • RELIGION! It amazes me how people keep trying to find excuses for religion, instead putting the blame for bigotry of this kind on misunderstanding, ignorance, fear, or other personal faults...when it is obvious that the primary motivator for homophobes is in their holy books which EXPLICITLY call homosexuals things like "abomination", "infidel", and "heathen".
  • I have read and know all the reasons and claims against those who cannot accept homosexuality. I have no fears of them or animosity toward them. In fact, I accept them as people who feel and live different than I do. However, I cannot personally imagine myself being a homosexual. That probably is a main reason for a lot of non-acceptance.
  • It's funny... just about everyone who I have talked to who has a serious problem with homosexuality has openly admitted that they don't want to be flirted with. Sounds like some people are uncomfortable with their own sexuality!
  • People fear what they don't know. I sincerely believe it all comes back to that.
  • I think one major reason is that they provide a group of "others" that they can condemn and target and attack. This pattern has been repeated many times, with witches, Jews, infidels, heretics and now gays. It's not just with religions either - it's the same phenomenon about the "commies" during the cold war, anyone looking vaguely Arab following 9/11, the "jerries" and "japs" during/after WWII, etc. People sometimes want someone to focus their anger on, and will turn to any convenient minority group who can't strike back.
  • Many do not understand it, just as many gays do not understand that every individual is different, with that said, there should be no condemnation toward those who are, or toward those who are not. We all have to be judged according to our own things, it is no person's place to judge another, unless a major crime was committed, such as a capital offense. I think one of the great divides, politicians and activist, have taken an area in peoples personal lives, and made it a political issue. Which in my opinion a person's sexual preference has no place in the political arena, it is a private matter, and should be kept that way, as it is part of their private lives. It does nothing but divide and polarize, just because a straight person is not comfortable with homosexaulity does not mean that person hates anyone, nor if a gay person is uncomfortabel around the opposite sex, or people who are not, doesn't mean they hate anyone. We are all on this earth together, whether we like it or not, we should accept, love and respect. Keep sex out of the politics, keep the politics out of our private lives, and keep the politics out of our pocketbooks, the way we think, or the way we worship. It is politics and politicians who divide the people, nto the people. There are good and bad in all people, all genders, all races, all religions and all sexual persuasions. Ken Hatley
  • Religion and/or other beliefs we've been learning since we were young. Among other things. And sometimes people think that if you support gay rights, you are gay. Though that brings us back to the question, doesn't it: Why are we scared of being called gay anyway?

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