• Hitler is dead, so no he *is* not gay. i don't think he *was* gay either.
  • Where he is I doubt he's smiling.
  • hitler is dead, dude
  • no, he WAS gay. that's why people became homophobic, because of fear of gay people like Hitler
  • No, as others said Hitler is dead. And he was not gay, he was straight- have you ever heard of Ava Braun? She was his bimbo. There were some high-ranking Nazis who were closeted homosexuals (just like there are high-ranking Republicans who are closeted homosexuals now) but Hitler was not one of them.
  • No, I don't think so.
  • I have never heard anything to point to the fact that Hitler was a homosexual.
  • WAS, not IS. He is long dead. And was he gay? No. He was not. He had mistresses over the years including a very young cousin. And he married Eva Braun just before they suicided. Homosexuality was very much against the beliefs of Nazism, and homosexuals were put into the camps as well.
  • 1) Except for some conspiracy theorists, Hitler is dead: "The generally accepted cause of the death of Adolf Hitler on Monday, 30 April 1945 is suicide by gunshot and cyanide poisoning. The dual method and other circumstances surrounding the event encouraged rumours that Adolf Hitler may have survived the end of World War II along with speculation about what happened to his remains. The 1993 opening of records kept by the Russian KGB and FSB confirmed the widely accepted version of Hitler's death as described by Hugh Trevor-Roper in his book The Last Days of Hitler published in 1947. However, the Russian archives did show what happened to the cadaver." Source and further information: So I shall answer the question whether Hitler *was* gay. 2) "Adolf Hitler's sexuality has been the subject of much speculation and controversy. Some historians argue that Hitler was completely heterosexual, others argue that he was either homosexual or bisexual. The reason for this great deal of speculation may be the fact that Hitler presented himself publicly as a man without an intimate domestic life, dedicated to his political mission. In 1943, the American Office of Strategic Services (OSS) published A Psychological Analysis of Adolf Hitler: His Life and Legend. In the course of the 281-page report, the authors describe Hitler "(1) as he appears to himself, (2) as he has been pictured to the German people, and (3) how he is known to his associates." Using this information, they then perform a "psychological analysis ... in which an attempt is made to understand Hitler as a person and the motivations underlying his actions." The authors describe Hitler as having, "possibly even a homosexual streak in him." Some even said that he was sexually involved with Heinrich Himmler, his second-in-command and his secretary. Somewhat more credible arguments that Hitler may have been homosexual were put forward in a book by historian Lothar Machtan called The Hidden Hitler, based primarily upon the "Mend Protocol", a series of allegations made to the Munich Police in the early 1920s by a former soldier colleague of Hitler's. In 2004, HBO produced a documentary film based on Machtan's theory, titled Hidden Fuhrer: Debating the Enigma of Hitler's Sexuality. Mend was a convicted fraudster, and historian Anton Joachimsthaler (TV interview for BBC2 in 2002) is among those who regard the protocol as unreliable. A controversial book, The Pink Swastika, written by religious right writer Scott Lively and Kevin Abrams, released in 2002, dealt with similar topics. A line-by-line rebuttal, The Annotated Pink Swastika, outlines in detail numerous alleged factual inconsistencies in Lively and Abrams' book. Jack Nusan Porter, from the University of Massachusetts Lowell, writes: "Did Hitler despise homosexuals? Was he ashamed of his own homosexual identity? These are areas of psychohistory that are beyond known knowledge. My own feelings are that Hitler was asexual in the traditional sense and had bizarre sexual fetishes." - Incest claims There have been claims that Hitler had an incestuous affair with his half-niece, Geli Raubal. This has been fuelled partly by the fact that Adolf's own mother Klara was his father Alois's cousin. Geli died young, either by suicide or an assassination, and this has caused much speculation. The 2005 film Uncle Adolf, starring Elaine Cassidy as Geli, and Ken Stott as Adolf Hitler is about Hitler in the Führerbunker reminiscing about his relationship with Geli. In this fictional portrayal, it is suggested that there was a sexual element." Source and further information:
    • mushroom
      Well, considering Hitler would be almost 130 years old by now, I can say he would break all confirmed records for longevity if he were still alive.
  • Doubt it - where did he catch VD?
  • not sure but i know he was evil

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