• It's always drinkable..just acidic..
  • What city do you live in again?
  • They have spent a huge amount of money on that movie.The action scenes were great but,the topic you have raised is a considerable one.I'd ask the scientists to purify sea water and serve it rather than hankering after a non considerable amount of human waste.
  • People have survived in the desert drinking their own urine. It is drinkable but I certainly would not want to try it.
  • It already is drinkable. rats are also edible, but I'm not trying that either!
  • Most of the water you drink now has been recycled through time over and over again. Like it or not, you have already had some purified urine.
  • I bet scientists could figure out a way to make urine drinkable. They'd probably drain it into some sort of leach field, where it would percolate through sandstone into an "aquifer". From there they would let it run out into some sort of open air system. By applying infrared energy to it, they would make it evaporate into a vapor phase. The scientists might then cool the system down by lowering the air pressure. This you cause the urine to return to a liquid state and condense into some sort of collection bin. I bet you would be willing to drink it then.
  • The water that we drink, wash with, cook with, swim in and sail navies on is the same water that was here on day one. It's the same water that floated Noahs ark and that Pharoahs daughter found Moses floating in. Water evaporates and returns to the earth in either a solid(ice) or liquid (water) form. Bearing that in mind, ever since day one, big bang or God said as per your persuation, no water has been added to the water that was here on that day one nor has any water been removed.
  • Bear Grylles and Survivorman have drunk their own. It's sterile, straight from the "tap". Survivorman made potable water by evaporating the water from the urine. Grylles just peed in a stripped snakeskin and drank it later. :-P They're doing it at NASA.
  • They did make it drinkable, they came up with some machine that filters it into drinking water, no way in hell I would drink it...but I guess people have. GROSS!!
  • If you have an aversion to the thought, I doubt any level of evidence of safety would change that. But you aren't going to catch something from your own, and even other people's urine is safe so long as they don't have one of a few infections that contaminate the urine. You would need to purify urine before drinking it as a regular source of water because it contains waste minerals the body needs to get rid of, and drinking it recycles those, so the longer you recycle it the more concentrated those minerals become in the body.
  • You could do the following things: 1) drink an urine of unknown origin. This could be highly dangerous, because of various diseases, 2) drink your own urine, if possible if you are healthy. Even if this could be disgusting, it seems that it could have some therapeutical advantages: 3) drink your urine for survival, when no good source of water is available. You could also prepare it to extrat the water somehow (drink water that you have extracted from your urine). 4) build a technological device to prepare water from urine or waste water through various method of filtering or boiling. Such devices are already in use in big cities with limited water supply or in closed systems such as the International Space Station. And remember: urine is 95% water!

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