• we are all going to have to accept higher taxes soon
  • Not at all. He's going to tap everyone for every cent he can get.
  • I never believed that in the first place.
  • 16 trillion no he won't raise taxes just print more money the net effect is the same.
  • Well, it's too late. The new cigarette tax crosses all ethnic and financial boundaries, but probably plays more heavily on low income minorities.
  • No, I don't but I would hardly but any stock on what FOX has to say; they're not known as the "Misinformation Network" for nothing
  • Never did. But it'd be nice to see the Rich start to pay their fair share for a change.
  • I didn't believe him when he said it, and I still don't.
  • Didn't he say that he would give a tax cut to the working people of America? In less than 90 days there was a tax increase and in the next 90 days there will be another and another stuffed inconspicuouslly with a bunch of seemingly insignifigant other measures riding in on a bill whos failure would be desasterous. That's how the Democrats got Bush 41 after the 'read my lips' speech. Now, in less than six months, the United States Government (you and me), because of the Obama Administration and the Congress is attempting to sustain a massive debt load that can only be repaid on the backs of the American worker over the next 30 to 40 years, if then. If this isn't enough the Congress and the Obama Administration would saddle the American worker with even more debt through a national healthcare system similar to Medicare. Medicare is flat broke just like everybody said it would be at it's inception and this this current attempt at socialising another sector of the economy is going to go broke too. The SSI taxes you, me and our employers pay are being used to prop up Medicare and other social programs. I hope that we can wake up on our own and not have to suffer the same bucket of ice water on our heads that the people of California did.
  • According to your linked source, he's going to drop the increased tax rate starting income level from $250,000 down to $235,000. I'm going to be making a lot less than $235,000 this year and most likely for whatever years I have left, so from my perspective he's still only taxing the rich.
  • I never totally believed that in the first place. There are more taxes than just income tax.
  • That's what he intends to have you believe before he pulls one over on you again. Prepare yourself for the rationalizations.
  • "Rich" is subjective. The difference between me and the guy standing next to me IS NOT LUCK!
  • Never believed it for a second. Or anything else for that matter. He a politition they lie and lie and lie.
  • NOT IN A NEW YOUR SECOND do I belive Obama will only tax the rich
  • I dont understand why ppl believe Obama. He is a graduate from LAW... LAWYER = LIAR !! Plus what does being a lawyer have to do with knowing how to run a counrty? Of course he is going to tax EVERYBODY !! He is just going to do it so smoothly so you wont notice, thats how he got your vote!
  • Do you really care, or are you just shilling for the republican party? Obama made most of those claims before the economic crisis. That seriously changed Obama's economic policies. A fact HE has pointed out repeatedly. Leave it to a republican to twist a mans words once the context changes.
  • obama will raise taxes on big business,small business, rich workers, mediocre workers, poor workers, retirees, anyone who earns or has earned a wage will be taxed to support the non working....we will all pay for the lazy and unprosperous with HIGH TAXES...... americas prosperity is no longer an americans freedom.... those small businesses will suffer the worst...its always been that way....
  • Everyone should of known all that was ,was a campain promise to tickle little uninformed ears to get votes now we all get to sit back and enjoy seeing more and more of hard earned money going to taxes .
  • Bozo Obama will raise taxes on every working American, rich or poor.
  • That is not a Fairy Tale I have ever believed. If they do not raise direct taxation on the working Man/Woman they do it through back door and indirect taxes. Tony Blair made the same promises in the UK when he came to power . There were 107 indirect and back door taxes in the first 18 months of Gordon Brown being Chancellor . Who says the Labour Party is for the Working man?(No Longer Socialist) I think that is the same for the Democratic Party
  • Never did buy that one. Then again, the way the Fed is printing money it wouldn't matter even if he had meant that promise when he said it. Inflation is a hidden tax all its own, you may not be actually taxed for it but by printing more money just to pay for more debt it will have the same effect.
  • Cap and 'Tax' Bill With few people knowing and most not caring, the U.S. House passed a cap-and-trade bill that is actually a cap-and-tax bill. The Democrats dropped more than 300 pages of amendments to this 900-page bill for the members to read at 3 a.m. in the morning of the day on which it was voted. It has been said that none of the House of Representatives read the whole bill. This bill will basically raise electric rates, gas prices, manufacturing cost, eliminate jobs, make it harder to sell your house and other negative impacts on the American public. These costs will be passed on to the consumer in new taxes and price increases. President Barack Obama promised that no one making less than $250,000 annually will have any type of tax increase, another one of his many campaign lies.
  • I wish people would just stop believing ANYTHING that Fox media( in any form ) say's , its 100% Right Wing in everything it does... its owners are 100% right wing and ALWAYS have been and ALWAYS will be. Murdock was the same when he was here in Australia and when he was Australian and NOTHING has changed since he became a Yank( and he only did that so he could make even more money ). Obama made promises before the shit hit the fan and before he got into office and found out the TRUTH of how bad everything was, now if the Republicans had not have lied and hid the real state of the U.S. from him and the people of the U.S. then he may have not made certain promises. Obama has been forced to change things around not because he wanted to but because he had no other choice. Now how many people do you know that earns $235.000 per year who are classed as low/middle income earners ... none!
  • He mathematically can't raise them much more on the rich without destroying an entire class. Which the debate is still going on to figure out if that's what his intentions are. Long story short is that a tax will be levied on the middle class. The question will be is it going to be direct or indirect tax. All signs are pointing at an indirect tax, so he can explain his lie come election time. FYI...He has already raised the taxes on the poor with a tobacco tax.
  • He plans to tax the crap out of everyone that works. Then on top of that, we will have high inflation. Just another Jimmy Carter.
  • i STILL believe , thats what he wants us to believe....he is the kind that will say what it takes for the 'moment'.....

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