• Yeah.. I think it's basic human nature.
  • Yes it is and we are told in the UK that people do not complain enough . They put up with bad service much more than in other countries . Luckily they are starting to get better at complaining.
  • To grumble. Of course, but it does us no good. It just shows we are ungrateful, impatient, discontent...and we need something to work on.
  • +5. Yes, for some, it is a way of life but who am I to complain ?
  • I think it's normal to a degree. I don't think it's normal to complain about every little thing, all the time. That requires a true "bitch", regardless of gender !! :)
  • I think that's how some people deal with their problems and it might be normal for them. I don't think it's normal when that's all they do.
  • its a pity, some do, just thier personal make up I guess, however it takes no more energy to find a positive, which in turn creates antoehr positive, surely a better place to position oneself ! :)
  • I do not believe it is "normal". At least not in my world, not among my family or friends. Perhaps for others who complain all the time about everything and anything and everyone it may be the norm. They are definitely abnormal as far as I'm concerned! :)
  • One of the most important things we have as humans is choice. When we are deprived of choice, we often complain. So yes, I think it is normal behaviour.
  • Yes. My personal experience is that those who dismiss others as complainers are usually expressing their own "concerns" which they deem legitimate.
  • I do think that it's normal to complain occasionally, but many people seem to get addicted to that behavior and then I think it's normal behavior for me to want to strangle them, LOL. Toxic! Sue
  • not normal for people who work for or want to go out with me ... you will be shown the door!
  • Yes, it can get on peoples nerves though. I have tried to be a very compliant person, but I have found that trying to please others all the time does not make me a happy person. I sometimes have to stick up for myself. The problem is they don't always listen.
  • Only if you complain once in a while and not all the time, otherwise you are suffering with a personality disorder.
  • Directly proportionate to how much you have! ;-)
  • Oh dammit.. I'm so sick of all those sniveling complainers. Complain, complain, complain.. all they ever do is complain and about what? Complaining! i tell ya.. if I ever complain about anything may god strike me dead! Nah..complaining is normal.. everyone does it..even god.. See? He complains so much he's willing to wipe every human off the face of the earth over it.. errrmmmm.....
  • It shouldn't be, but it is for certain people.

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