• A military term for planning an operation when the date is not known or should be kept secret.
  • D-Day and H-Hour are general military terms used to name a specific occurance(attack , operation, or similar) without using the actual date or time. The 'D' and 'H' stood for 'Day' and 'Hour'. And they were used with '+' or '-' a number to refer to time after or before D-Day or H-Hour. Example: June 8, 1944 would of been 'D-Day +2' in any reports for the Normandy landings.
  • D Day has come and gone on many different days, it's a military phrase referring to the day of a big operation. D, is the first letter of the word, day. there's also H Hour, and M Minute. these each refer to a known but not verbally mentioned particular date and time when a big operation will commence.
  • JoeSchmo6114 has a good answer, but I thought it was something like not A or B or C day.
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